How to Unlock and Evolve Song of Mana in Vampire Survivors

The Song of Mana is a weapon in Vampire Survivor that fires a wave of glittering particles that move across the screen in a vertical column. These particle-like projectiles move relative to the player character’s position, damaging and piercing through enemies. As a result, Song of Mana has a long range for enemies above and below the player character one Vampire Survivor. While the projectiles can’t hit the same enemy twice due to a hitbox delay, the number of particles is so numerous that enemies are bound to be hit multiple times by this weapon Vampire Survivor.

Unlock and evolve the Song of Mana in Vampire Survivors

Mana weapon song in Vampire Survivors

To get the Song of Mana gun in Vampire Survivorplayers must first unlock Poppea Pecorina, a playable character whose coffin is in the dairy. The Song of Mana can be evolved into its more powerful form – Mannajja, which can be obtained through weapon leveling after picking up a relic called the Skull O’Maniac.


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YouTube content creator Teelore states that Poppea Pecorina is found in the lower left section of the milk plant. Once players have found the Milky Way Map Relic, they can see the location of the character’s coffin, indicated by a white question mark icon on the map. Accordingly, go to this location to find the coffin. The POI is heavily guarded by a ring of well armored knights. Teelore suggests players can destroy these enemies with the Pentacle, a weapon capable of obliterating anything on screen with a single blast. Once the knights are done, players can open the coffin and unlock Poppea Pecorina. Her starting weapon is the Song of Mana weapon, and in order to activate this weapon for other characters, players must survive 15 minutes with Poppea at any level Vampire Survivor.

Next to evolve Song of Mana into the Mannajja weapon Vampire Survivor, players will need the Skull O’Maniac Relic. This relic can be acquired by surviving 30 minutes with Llama, a playable character that becomes available after fans manage to survive 20 minutes with any character with at least 10% curse active.

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In summary, here are the steps to unlock and evolve Song of Mana:

  • 1. Unlock Poppea Pecorina in the dairy
  • 2. Survive for 15 minutes with Poppea Pecorina to get Song of Mana
  • 3. Survive with any character with 10% curse active
  • 4. Survive 30 minutes with Llama
  • 5. Get the Skull O’Maniac to evolve Song of Mana

Vampire Survivor is available on PC.

Source: YouTube/Teelore

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