How to unlock costumes, for free

street fighter 6 is the newest game in the long-running martial arts franchise and certainly one of the best. Not only does it significantly refine the one-on-one combat mechanics it’s known for, but it also adds a number of features and modes to make it a far more accessible game. It also has one ton of style.

Key to this style are the new, redesigned costumes for classic characters – but it’s important to note that they also have their original costumes as an alternate in-game option.

Likewise, each of the brand new characters wears a second “street” look, in most cases swapping their battle-ready attire for a more casual outfit. But how do you unlock each character’s second outfit? Well, there are two options.

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How to unlock secondary costumes in Street Fighter 6?

Method 1: Fighter Coins

The first way to unlock each character’s second outfit is to buy it with them fighter coinswhich can be purchased with real currency or earned as rewards for free in online mode.

Costumes can be acquired directly by spending 50 Fighter Coins.

For reference, 250 Fighter Coins cost AU$7.95 / AU$4.99 or the equivalent in your region.

Method 2: World Tour

The second way to unlock alternative outfits for each character is to play the single player World Tour mode, where your custom avatar will learn to become a stronger fighter by adapting techniques from the street fighter Create rosters while building a relationship with them.

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Outfits for each individual character are unlocked when you Reach the maximum friendship level with the respective character.

This is achieved by doing friend missions for them (which are unlocked as you gain more experience with their fighting style) and by give them presents. It is important to note that everyone has character a special gift they will lovemaking your friendship bond grow faster.

To help you on this journey, please visit our street fighter 6: World Tour Character Gift Guide if you want to speed up the process! Once your friendship meter reaches 100, the character’s second outfit will be unlocked when you return to the main menu.

street fighter 6 is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S

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