How To Unlock Pua As A Companion

Companions are also known as critters Disney Dreamlight Valley, and they are described as creatures that follow the players. Typically, feeding these animals their favorite foods would be the first step in gaining their trust. Pua, on the other hand, only requires one simple step, which is to level up Moana’s friendship.

Pua is Moana’s pet who was lost to oblivion Disney Dreamlight Valley. Upon reaching friendship level six with Moana, The Remembering Quest is triggered and players must collect some memories to make her remember Pua. The next mission is crucial to unlock Pua as a companion and it is called The search for Pua.


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How to unlock Pua as a companion in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock Pua as a companion Disney Dreamlight Valley, The Quest for Pua must be completed, which is automatically triggered once Moiana reaches friendship level eight. In this quest, Saviors help the chief of Motunui to find clues about Pua’s whereabouts in several locations, such as: Dazzle Beach, Peaceful Meadow, Plaza and the Forest of Valor.

Dazzle Beach

The mission begins with Moana revealing that she left a Disney Dreamlight Valley Coconut near the fishing boat at Dazzle Beach. Go there to discover some footprints around the fruit, meaning Pua tried to eat it but didn’t make it.

peaceful meadow

In the end they both agree that Pua was thirsty and went in search of something to drink. Moiana asks players to look for their tracks near small ponds in Peaceful Meadow. Upon closer inspection, one of the small ponds has a few gold marks nearby.


Later, Moana asks the players about Pua’s next move, and the correct answer is this one it went to find food. Walk to the plaza and on to the famous Chez Remy restaurant only to discover a plate of uneaten hamburger in front of the restaurant. The only plausible theory is that Pua got startled by something and ran to the slope near Chez Remy that leads to the Forest of Valor.

Forest of Valor

The Forest of Valor is the final destination. To find Pua, go to Anna and Kristoff’s castle and then turn left to the stairs that lead to the Frosted Heights biome. A few Night Thorns will be there and Pua is stuck in one of them. Freeing the pig also drops a leader shard. Give the latter to Moana and the search for Pua Quest will be marked as complete.

How to change animal companion in Pua

To change the animal companion to Pua, Open the inventory by pressing the letter I and then select the wardrobe menu. Select the Companion category to see all available creatures that players have earned their trust in. Once the quest is complete Disney Dreamlight Valley, Pua should appear in this category. When you select it, the pig will act like a pet and start following rescuers.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is now available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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