How to Unlock Rebirth in NBA 2K23: Current and Next Gen

Wondering how to unlock the Rebirth feature in NBA 2K23? We’ll cover you.

The Rebirth System, which originally made its series debut in NBA 2K19, is back in both current and next-gen versions of NBA 2K23 MyCAREER. For those who want a head start on creating the build they really want, here’s a breakdown of how to unlock Rebirth save files in NBA 2K23 MyCAREER on Current Gen and Next Gen.

To unlock the ability to use Rebirth save files, players must complete the Rebirth quest on both Current and Next.

For those on Current Gen, the process is much simpler. Once in the GOAT boat for the first time, players will receive a message from Ronnie2K that they will reach 90 overall.

At this point, players will receive the Rebirth quest, where they only need to reach 90 OVR to unlock the feature.

For those on Next Gen, the process is a bit lengthy but comes with some nice rewards.

Upon completing the NBA Summer League game, players will receive a series of intro quests including the Rebirth quest.

The Rebirth quest on Next Gen still requires players to speak to Ronnie2K, but on four different occasions.

To start the quest, feel free to use the map shared on Reddit by u/GentleGrizzly12.

Essentially, players must find and speak to Ronnie in each of the four locations in the city. Each time players go through a cutscene with the community manager, they will be awarded the next step of the quest, which is reaching the OVR milestones.

  1. Reach 65 OVR: Unlocks Ronnie2K & Sophie T-Shirt
  2. Reach 75 OVR: Unlocks custom spawn locations
  3. Reach 88 OVR: Unlocks the ability to walk shirtless
  4. Reach 90 OVR: Unlocks rebirth

Rebirth Saves, which are unlimited, will start players with all previously earned game-related quest awards, up to 25 badge points already earned, and the opportunity to upgrade to 90 OVR.

Keep in mind that while Rebirth builds technically have a head start in terms of badge and attribute upgrade progression, players still need to spend more than 200,000 VC to actually max their builds.

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