How to unlock Street Fighter 6’s classic outfits

Do you want to know how to unlock the classic outfits? street fighter 6‘s squad as well as alternative outfits for his newcomers? Capcom’s latest fighting game has given some characters a fresh new look, marking a new era in the history of 2D fighting games. However, if you lack the old-school style, don’t worry. Each returning fighter has a classic look for you to unlock, while the newcomers get a secondary outfit to rock.

There are two ways to unlock outfits 2: Either with your wallet or by doing a little in-game grinding to get them for free. I will detail each way you can get your hands on these. Personally, I’d recommend the latter option, especially if you’re planning on trying out the story-based World Tour mode anyway. It is relatively easy to unlock each costume and you can save your precious money.

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