How to Unlock The Competitive Spirit Trophy In Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Insomniac delivered an amazing experience with its Spider-Man game, taking us on a unique journey through the eyes of longtime hero Peter Parker. With the entire city, and eventually the entire world, at risk from a biological weapon called Devil’s Breath, Parker dug deep to win the day against the likes of Doctor Octopus and Mr. Negative.

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Insomniac has developed another game that can be considered glorified DLC centered around Miles Morales. After teaching Morales the basics of Spider-Man, Parker takes a trip with Mary Jane Watson, leaving Morales in charge of New York City. There are a total of 50 trophies to unlock in the game; However, some are easier to miss than others. In this guide we will detail how to unlock the Competitiveness trophy Spider-Man: Miles Morales.


Find a way in

The Competitive Spirit trophy is obtained during the called mission Like real scientists just before the end of the game. Morales figures out Phin may be hiding at the hideout abandoned Oscorp Science Museum, so he pans over to survey the area. The surrounding museum will be littered with subterranean enemies, so take care of the baddies carefully with a combination of Morales’ stealth and Venom attacks.

Once all enemies are defeated, you must Disable four generators to remove the electrical barrier above the skylight. Use your webbing to do this Drag the giant sphere structure in the center of the area to align them with the surrounding huts. Once the structure is aligned you will notice a red tip conductor that can generate electricity.

By holding down the left shoulder button, Point your mesh at the top and connect it to the one on the structure. After you connect the webbing, the electricity will open a door that will reveal the generator and you can use Morales’s Poison Strike to destroy them. Two doors are required two straps to connect to open multiple spiked ladders while opening another ladder hidden behind some boxes.

Once you’ve disabled all of the generators, head back to the skylight to infiltrate your access Poison Smash.

Trip Down Memory Lane

After landing at the Oscorp facility, examine the screen directly in front of you for a brief reminiscence of the past. Go the Virtual gallery tunnel on the left to explore the lab further.

There will be one Crate hidden on the left with a Tech Point, so don’t miss it. Use your webbing to move through the opening above to reach the main area of ​​the museum.

Morales will try to yell at Phin to show herself, but to no avail. Jump off the railing at the top and go around the main area. There will be a pair of toy rockets on the floor that will have Morales wondering if he or Phin won the game while they were here.

On the opposite side, the quest marker guides you through the Doors of the Sea Living exhibit. Walking through the door triggers an actual flashback of Morales and Phin exploring the museum before the science competition.

Take off

Freely explore the Sea Living area and investigate a variety of characters and projects about Oscorp’s underground endeavors. Continue up the ramp to reach the Main hall of the museum. There will be several projects that you can investigate to get more information about them, but the main interest goes to the left of the middle structure of the solar array.

When you exit the Sea Living exhibit, move on right past the memory metal display to find the rocket exhibit. As you interact with the character, Phin will entice Morales to play, to which he correctly states that it is simply a matter of pressing a button.

Due to his competitive nature, Morales agrees to play Phin. Tap the square button as quickly as possible to launch your rocket up in front of Phin Unlock the Competitiveness Trophy.

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