How to Unlock the Frying Dutchman in Saints Row

The Frying Dutchman is one of the rare unlockable cars in Saints Row. This monster truck is refitted to look like a wheeled pirate ship and not only can it crush other vehicles by running them over, it can also use its own ball and chain to cause more destruction at all the rear gates.

In this guide we are going to talk about the Frying Dutchman and reveal the locations to find its parts.

How to unlock the Frying Dutchman in Saints Row

To unlock the Heavyweight you need to find all of its five pieces scattered throughout Rojas desert in the north. These parts are contained in mailboxes located under a large pinwheel. The windmill fins for the heavyweight parts are colored red and yellow.

These pinwheels are visible as a glow of light within range and are also represented with a yellow pinwheel icon on the minimap. Once the pieces are taken from the mailboxes, these pinwheels’ icons will disappear from the mini-map, but they will still shine. Their glitter can be seen in the air either during the day or at night, but due to their sandy and rocky location, it’s easier to spot the glitter at night.

Deep fry locations for Dutch parts

All Frying Dutchman parts are located in the Rojas desert north and are marked as naval car parts for the Ghost of the Frying Dutchman challenge. These parts cannot be obtained in any particular order.

Part #1 – Frying Pan of the Deep

This part may be near a campsite near a lake.

Part #2 – Gunpowder Cannons

This part may be near the viewing rails.

Part #3 – Wooden Hull

This part may be on a small part of a cliff. Take a helicopter or use the nearby wingsuit tower to launch yourself into the air and land near the pinwheel.

Part #4 – Ship Rudder

This part may be on a ridge near the landing sites.

Part #5 – Main Mast

This part may be near the central 4-way junction in the desert.

Frying Dutchman Monster Truck and Presets

As soon as all the parts are collected, the Frying Dutchman will go straight to your garage. It has a preset that can be purchased and it has additional body mods. His signature ability is Ball & Chain.

Standard Frying Dutchman

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