How to Unsend Email on Mail for iPhone & iPad

Undo Send to not send emails on iPhone and iPad

We’ve all typed an email and hit send before realizing it was a typo, a mistake, a forgotten attachment, or maybe a few well-chosen words that you immediately regret. Luckily, the Mail app on iPhone and iPad offers forgiveness in the form of the Undo Send email feature, which lets you immediately undo and not send an email if you act fast enough anyway.

The email retract feature on Mail for iPhone and iPad is really handy, and you’ll probably want to know how to use it ahead of time before you have to in a pinch. So launch this mail app and give it a try. Put it in your RAM to use later when needed.

How to Undo Send on Mail for iPhone and iPad to undo sending an email

The Undo Send feature is available in Mail for iPhone and iPad as long as the device is running iOS 16 or later. This is how it works:

  1. Compose and send any email from the Mail app as usual (try it yourself by emailing us if you want; [email protected])
  2. How to Undo Email Sending for iPhone and iPad

  3. Immediately look at the bottom of the screen and tap “Undo Send” to undo the sending of the email
  4. How to undo sending an email with Undo Send on iPhone and iPad

You need to act quickly because the ability to check an email doesn’t last long.

Don’t forget that if you want more or less time to recall an email, you can change the delay available for using Undo Send on iPhone or iPad.

Note that if you have the unread email filter enabled, you won’t see the Undo Send option at the bottom of the Mail app screen. However, you can quickly disable this option to see “Undo Send” in the iOS and iPadOS Mail app.

How does not sending email work in Mail for iPhone and iPad?

It’s important to understand how the Undo Send feature works on iPhone and iPad, which introduces a send delay.

The feature isn’t like the retract message feature in iMessage in that it doesn’t recall or retract an email message from the recipient’s inbox, which is technically not possible with the email protocol.

Instead, it basically adds a time delay for the period between when you send an email and when it actually sends it, and that grace period is the time you can tap “Undo Send” to undo the email message to undo.

You can also adjust this grace period if you want to increase or decrease the duration of the undo send feature.

This feature is also available in the Mac Mail app if you send email from there too.

Are you using the Do Not Send Email feature on iPhone or iPad? What do you think of this ability?

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