How to use a ‘noble lie’ to convince elders to use child seat in car!

A recent post on Reddit details the frustrations of a parent whose in-laws refused to use a car seat for their newborn granddaughter. Despite numerous attempts to explain the importance of the safety measure, the elders insisted on removing the baby from the seat when she cried and urged the parents to drive faster than they thought safe.

In response to the post, many users suggested logical thinking and mature debate to persuade the elders to change their behavior. However, one user suggested an alternative approach!

The suggested solution was this: create a fake but relatable story that is emotional enough to encourage people to change their behavior. The user recommended making up a story about a couple who lost their baby in a car accident due to improper use of a car seat. The story should be shared with the elders and emphasized how it haunts parents every time they think of it.

Another user suggested an addition: turn the story into a Whatsapp forward and send it to extended family groups. User suggested adding “🙏🙏 Maximum Sharing!!🙏🙏” at the end of the message to get desired effects faster” as a pro tip!

We find both answers hilarious and most likely work. When logic and reason fail, one may have to resort to white lies to get the right result. Elders are very vulnerable to fake news and phishing scams – so why not use an elaborate dramatic story to get the right results!

This is called a “noble lie”.

A “noble lie” is to pretend to get the right results. The intention is noble, the means perhaps not!

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While using a “noble lie” may seem manipulative, in some cases it can be a powerful tool to change people’s behavior when reasoning fails. This is especially important when it comes to child safety where the consequences of not using a car seat can be disastrous. By using relatable stories that touch people’s emotions, we can make positive change and protect the safety of our children.

The concept of the “noble lie” comes from Plato in his famous work “The Republic”. In the book, Plato argued that certain myths and untruths can be used for the good of society. According to Plato, a “noble lie” is an untruth deliberately told to people to maintain social harmony or to promote a virtuous society. The lie is considered “noble” because it serves a higher purpose, the greater good. The idea of ​​the “noble lie” has been debated and debated by philosophers and political theorists for centuries – and one argument against it has been that it reduces trust in society.

We are definitely not philosophers – so we leave it up to you to choose whether or not to use a noble lie!

How do child seats work?

Child seats are special car seats designed to protect children in the event of a collision. They fit in the back seat of a car and are attached using either the car’s seat belt or a special anchoring system called ISOFIX. There are different types of car seats depending on the age, height and weight of the child.

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