How to Use Apple Music Sing on Your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

With iOS 16.2, Apple introduced Apple Music Sing, a feature in Apple Music that lets you sing along to your favorite songs. It is currently available to all Apple Music subscribers worldwide.

If you’re looking for new ways to sing your heart out, this guide will walk you through the process of using Apple Music Sing.

What is Apple Music Sing?

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Introduced with iOS 16.2, Apple Music Sing is a feature that lets you sing along to your favorite songs with real-time lyrics. It uses on-device machine learning algorithms to separate a song’s vocals and background music in real-time, allowing you to adjust the volume of the vocals so that you only focus on your voice.

Apple Music Sing requirements

Although Apple Music Sing is not available on all Apple devices, most users can use this feature. However, you must meet a few requirements before you can start singing. First of all, these are the devices that support Apple Music Sing:

  • iPhone 11 or later with iOS 16.2 or later.
  • 3rd generation iPad or newer with iPadOS 16.2 or higher.
  • Apple TV 4K (2022) with tvOS 16.2 or later.

At the time of writing, Apple Music Sing is not available on Mac. Once you have a supported device, you’ll also need an active Apple Music subscription. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available on the Apple Music Voice plan, so you’ll need to figure out which Apple Music plan works best for you.

And if you are an Android user, we have bad news. Apple Music Sing is not available on Android at the time of writing, even if you pay for the right subscription.

How to use Apple Music Sing

Once you have completed all the Apple Music Sing requirements, it will be available to you on Apple Music. We’ll show you how to use it on iPhone and iPad, but the process is similar on Apple TV 4K. How to access and use Apple Music Sing:

  1. Open Apple Music on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Find and play any song supported by Apple Music Sing.
  3. Beat those Text symbol (quotes). bottom left.
  4. Tap the Sing icon (microphone with stars). on the right to enter Apple Music Sing.

When you switch to Sing mode, the vocals are at the lowest possible volume. You can change the volume of the vocals by swiping up and down on the To sing Symbol.

Also, instead of Lossless or Dolby Atmos, you’ll see “Sing” under the music title. Also, even if you enable Dolby Atmos and Spatial Audio on Apple Music, the track will switch to the regular version if you enable Apple Music Sing.

Lyrics are highlighted in real-time so you know when to sing. Additionally, if there are multiple artists on a track, the lyrics for them will be synced on opposite sides duet viewwhich is ideal if you want to sing with someone else.

Apple Music has a special Sing category that contains various songs compatible with Apple Music Sing. You can view the playlists in the Browse section of the app. You can find good playlists like Party Anthem, Sing the Hits, Iconic Duets and more.

There are also genre-based playlists if you’re looking for specific genres. Finally, the Sing feature isn’t limited to English; You can find it in different languages. You can turn off Apple Music Sing after satisfying your singing by tapping To sing Symbol.

Go into karaoke mode with Apple Music Sing

Apple Music Sing is an excellent feature for singing along to your favorite songs without the need for third-party apps. Although Apple hasn’t disclosed which songs will support this feature, you can always find out by tapping the lyrics icon and looking for the “Sing” option.

If you are an Android user or don’t subscribe to Apple Music, you can still try some excellent karaoke apps.

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