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Sumeru features a unique traversal mechanic in the form of Four Leaf Seal. Added with Genshin Impact update 3.0, these golden markers in the air are exclusive to Sumeru and essential for traversing certain points. Below is a guide on how to use Four-Leaf Sigil and the like Clusterleaves of cultivation.


You are first introduced to Four-Leaf Sigil when you enter Sumeru through the Cinnabar Cliff if you entered via the Archon Quest marker path. Here’s a quick in-game guide on how to use the Four Leaf Seal.

Four Petal Flowers sometimes float in random areas around Sumeru. Looking up at them will prompt you to bond with them and launch your character into the sky. This can help you move faster between areas or reach hard-to-reach places. These are especially helpful as you can connect to them from a distance. Use them to cross great distances and difficult-to-climb cliffs.

You will know when to connect to Four-Leaf Sigil You hear a soft “ping” sound and see the curly tendril above the golden flower in light gold. You’ll also see a curling tendril on the overlay.

Note that you cannot connect to Four-Leaf Sigil while swimming or climbing.

Using the four-leaf sigil is also great because…

  • Traversing with Four-Leaf Sigil does not consume stamina
  • Stamina can be recharged when using Four-Leaf Sigil
  • Four-Leaf Sigil locations can sometimes allude to secrets or quest objectives

Keep an eye out for Clusterleaves of Cultivation, a large yellow plant found throughout the Sumeru rainforest region. Attacking it with Dendro will unleash a new four-leaf sigil that can speed up traversing gaps or even lead you to secrets.

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Another way to unlock new four-leaf sigils is by using the Bouncy Mushrooms. It’s an unusual reaction, but every now and then a quick jump will reveal a new set of Four Leaf Seals. Don’t forget to overload the Bouncy Mushrooms by attacking them with Electro for a much higher jump.

You can gain additional practice using the four-leaf sigil to traverse vast rooms in Ampam Woods. You’ll find plenty of Bouncy Mushrooms and Clusterleaves of Cultivation there.

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