How to use the distance apart widget on iOS 16

So you want to know how far your best friend or significant other is from you without tracking their location. Or, if you’re a parent, you might want to know how far away your child is from you as they’re strolling around their favorite store at the mall or, God forbid, being separated from a large crowd at Disney World. A viral TikTok video showed off a distance widget that lets you do just that — but you won’t find it preinstalled with iOS 16. As with any widget, you need to download a special app that allows you to activate it on your home screen or lock screen. In this case Widgetable.

Widgetable is a widget app that allows you to edit social widgets to show real-time status of your friends, e.g. B. their mood and distance from you – the latter is the topic of this guide. Let’s see how to enable distance widget (or friend distance widget) so you can monitor distance of your friends as you get closer or further away from them.

The distance widget on iOS 16.

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How to use distance widget on iOS 16

It’s likely you didn’t know Widgetable existed until you heard about the distance widget. If you haven’t already, go to the App Store and download the Widgetable app. Then follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open the Widgetable app.

Step 2: On the lock screen Menu, scroll down to distance widget. It contains the caption our distance followed by the number of miles.

Step 3: Tap the distance widget and then tap on it friends tab on the right. Send your widgetable code to your friend and ask that friend to do the same so you can add each other to friends list.

Step 4: Go back to distance Widget page, tap Choose in the box under Select Friend and select any friend from the list. Once the binding process is complete, save the widget.

Step 5: Go to yours settings App and scroll down to background and then tap To adjust on the lock screen page.

Step 6: On the lock screen, tap the widget panel, scroll down Add widgets Page to Widgetable and tap on it. Swipe to either the circle widget or the rectangle widget and tap the blank widget to go to the edit page. Choose friends distance Widget and install it on the lock screen.

If Widgetable’s distance widget still feels like an invasion of privacy, you don’t need to add it to your iOS 16 lock screen — or ask your friends to join. It’s just a fun app to use with a friend or partner who might want to use it too.

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