How to use the Rune Forge in AC Valhalla

This guide will help you learn how to build the Runeforge in Ravensthorpe and how to use it in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla to balance and tweak your gear and stats!

Note: The Runeforge only works with the runes from the base game, not those added with the expansions. For this reason, in the guide I will only focus your attention on these runes.

What are runes

For almost two years you have been collecting runes and applying their benefits to our equipment. Starting with this patch, you can also extract perks from your gear – weapons and armor – and use them to create runes that you can incorporate into other weapons and gear.

Runes can be acquired in many ways, e.g. B. bought as loot and rewards or from merchants. In order to place a rune in a gear, that gear must have a rune slot.

Runes are divided into two main types depending on where you can use them.

weapon runes can only be used on weapons in rune slots. They usually add a unique perk or boost.

armor runes can only be slotted into armor pieces and are usually defensive-focused – like improving your resistances and increasing protection.

What is the Runeforge and how to build it?

With the release of Update 1.6.1, Ubisoft Assassin’s Creed Valhalla added a brand new structure that you can construct in your Ravensthorpe settlement in England – the Runeforge.

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The Runeforge will be available to you automatically once you patch your game to 1.6.1 and meet the requirements for your settlement – it must reach level 4.

If you meet these criteria, look for a new prompt in the eastern part of Ravensthorpe. There you will find a large tent with the usual sign in front of it. The NPC’s name is Hauk. He will be the one to engrave runes for you.

Where is the Runeforge lot in AC Valhala Ravensthorpe?

In order to build the rune forge, you need the usual third-party supplies. 600 of them. You can earn foreign supplies by completing River Raids.

How to build the Runeforge in AC Valhalla

There are no upgrades available for the Rune Forge building at the moment. I expect Ubisoft will add this option later when they expand Runeforge to be able to extract runes from the expansions and work with them.

Build the Runeforge in AC Valhalla

As it currently is in 1.6.1, the Runeforge has fairly limited functionality and mainly serves as a handy tool to help you mix and match your gear in your quest for new and fun builds.

How to use the Runeforge

Using the Runeforge in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is extremely simple and straightforward. If you ask Hauk to engrave runes for you, you lose nothing, just silver. And you can always get more silver.

When you open the Runesmith menu you will see two main tabs – Engrave and Sell.

That Sell ​​tab. is self-explanatory. Here you can sell all the runes you have acquired on your travels. There is no difference in the price you get from Runeforge compared to other providers in the game.

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That Engrave tab is the real highlight of the rune forge. Here you can copy a perk from a weapon or piece of armor you own and create a new rune with the same perk.

Runesmith - Engrave tab

The runes that Hauk creates for you occupy the first rune slot – the special diamond-shaped (or, if you prefer, “square” one). Of course, the shape of the runes also indicates this.

Hauk cannot create brand new runes for you with new perks. He can only copy gear perks and use them to create runes from your current inventory. And he can only copy perks from part of your gear to runes.

Eivor talks to Hauk in the Runeforge

The collection of armor pieces and weapons that the Runesmith offers as a source for engraving on a new rune is entirely dependent on the items you own. And not all items you own can be used in the engraving process.

This means that the only way to modify the inventory in the Runeforge is to get more pieces of gear. Luckily for you, my guides will come to your aid:

Reminder: Runeforge does not support all in-game items, only the base game gear found in the world. But it wouldn’t hurt to complete your collection now and be prepared for when Ubisoft (eventually!) decides to add more items to the Runeforge inventory. Purchased items also do not appear in the Runeforge.

The rune perks you put into a piece of gear don’t remove its original perk. These runes add an additional benefit to the characteristics of that weapon or piece of armor.

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You will not lose the item you are using as a source. However, this process costs silver. And you can create runes with the same perk as many times as you want from the same piece of gear you own.

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