How to use the SERIESSUM function in Excel

In this post, we will see how to use the SERIESUM function in Excel. That SERIESUM function is a mathematical and trigonometric function in Microsoft Exceland its purpose is to return the sum of a power series based on the formula.

How to use the SERIESUM function in Excel

That formula for the SERIESUM function is:

SERIESSUM (x, n, m, coefficients)

That syntax for the SERIESUM function is below:

  • X= The input value for the power series. Necessary.
  • N= The starting power you want to increase to x; is necessary.
  • M= The step of increasing M by each term in a series. It is necessary.
  • coefficients= A set of coefficients by which each successive power of x is multiplied.

How to use the SERIESUM function in Excel

To use the SERIESUM function in Excel, follow the steps below:

  1. Start Excel
  2. Enter data or use existing data.
  3. Enter a formula in the cell
  4. Press enter.
  5. See result.

begin Microsoft Excel.

Enter your data or use existing data.

Type in the cell where you want to place the result =SERIESTOTAL(A2,0,2,D2:D4).

Press Enter to view the result. The result is 0.504711076.

There are two other methods of using the SERIESSUM function.

method one is to click on the fx Button in the top left of the Excel worksheet.

A insert function dialog box appears.

Inside the dialog box in the section Choose a categorychoose Mathematics and Trigonometry from the list box.

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In the area Choose a functionselect the SERIESUM function from the list.

Then click OK.

A function arguments Dialog box opens.

In the input box, enter the cell that contains the number you want to calculate.

Then click OK.

method two is to click on the formulas tab and click on the Mathematics and Trigonometry button in the function library Group.

Then select SERIESUM from the drop down menu.

A function arguments Dialog box opens.

Follow the same method in method 1.

Then click OK.

We hope you understand how to use the SERIESSUM function in Microsoft Excel.

How to sum everything under a cell?

Follow the steps to sum all the numbers in your spreadsheet:

  1. Select the cell below the last cell in the column that you want to calculate.
  2. Then click the Formulas tab.
  3. In the Function Library group, click AutoSum and then press Enter to view the result.

What is the difference between subtotal and total in Excel?

subtotal returns a subtotal in a list or database; it can be used repeatedly in the same column for subtotals and can be used again for the grand total. Sum adds all the numbers in a range of cells.

What is the formula for summing multiple cells?

If you want to sum multiple cells in your spreadsheet, you need to use the SUM formula. When summing multiple cells in Excel, you can include individual values, cell references or ranges, or a mix of all three in the formula. Example: =Sum(B2: B5) adds values ​​in cells B2 and B5. =Sum(B2:B5, C2:C5) sums the value in cells B2 and B5 and cells C2 and C5.

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What are the keyboard shortcuts for AutoSum?

Although you can access the AutoSum function from the Formulas tab, you can also use a keyboard shortcut. Keyboard shortcuts help users enter quick commands. The keyboard shortcut for the AutoSum function is Alt+=.

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