How to use the Trello Add Card feature from your desktop system tray

If you want to work as efficiently as possible with Trello on macOS, the Quick Card feature is the right choice.

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I’m all about working smarter, not harder. This should always apply to project management, otherwise things can get out of hand. When you have a project with many moving parts, numerous teams, and an endless stream of tasks, even opening Trello, navigating to the project board, and adding a new card can become cumbersome.

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That’s one area where the Trello desktop app comes in handy. I’ll preface that by saying it’s not perfect and really just a few steps away from the process. But those missing steps can add up. Also, anything you can do to simplify your workflow should be considered a must.

One feature included in the Trello desktop app is the ability to add a new card from the Quick Card feature. This feature is located in the taskbar on Linux and Windows and in the menu bar on macOS.

If you are using macOS, you need to enable the feature first. But once you get this working, using Trello on your desktop becomes a lot more efficient. Let me show you how to configure and use the Trello desktop app on macOS so you can use the Quick Card feature.

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What you need to work with the Trello desktop app taskbar

All you need is the Trello desktop app installed on a macOS device and connected to your Trello account. You can use either a free or paid Trello plan as the feature is available on both.

If you don’t already have the free Trello desktop app installed, you can find it in the Mac App Store. Open the App Store, search for Trello, click Get, then click Install. That’s all for installation.

How to enable Quick Card on macOS

The first thing you need to do is open the Trello desktop application and make sure you’re logged into your Trello account. In the upper-right corner of the Trello desktop app window, click the gear icon (Figure A).

Figure A

Access the Trello desktop app settings window.

In the resulting window (Figure B), look for the Window Style section and click its drop-down menu. From this drop-down menu, select Extra Dock & Menu Bar.

Figure B

Enabling the Trello menu bar option in macOS Ventura.

With Dock & Menu Bar extra selected, close the settings window.

How to use the menu bar feature

There should now be a Trello icon in your menu bar. Right-clicking this icon or tapping with two fingers brings up a menu with Quick Card (Figure C).

Figure C

The new Trello menu bar drop-down menu in action.

Click Quick Card and a pop-up will appear for you to fill in and select the details for your new card (Figure D).

Figure D

Adding a new Trello card to the Amazing Kanban project board using the Quick Card feature.

A simplified Trello workflow

If you’re looking to simplify your Trello workflow, using the desktop app on macOS is a great option. By using the Quick Card feature, you don’t even need to enter the Trello application to add a card, allowing you to work more efficiently.

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To make this even more efficient, you can bring up the Quick Card at any time using the Quick Add shortcut configured in the Trello Settings app. By default, the keyboard shortcut is to bring up the Quick Add window [Control]+[Option]+[Space]. Press this keyboard shortcut and the Quick Add window will open so you can add a new task.

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