How to wash a comforter in 6 simple steps

Everyone should know how to wash a duvet. Avoid this chore and before long your comforter will be looking pretty gross even if it’s protected with a protector. Yellow sweat stains show up wherever your body makes contact and encourage bacterial growth. This can affect both the smell and feel of your linens, not to mention that they’re not particularly attractive to look at either. Sooner or later it will have to be washed.

These spots are a result of the sweat and oils we secrete at night – considering how hot we get, it’s no wonder they show up so quickly. That’s why we need to know too how to wash a pillow. The good news is that washing a comforter at home is entirely possible and it doesn’t have to be that troublesome. Of course, care should be taken, otherwise you risk damaging the duvet, as well as even the best washing machines. want a guide How to wash a duvet.

How to wash a duvet

Hand wash care label

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what you will need

washing machine

clothes dryer

laundry detergent

Stain remover (optional)

Clothes line/rack (optional)

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