How to Watch Armageddon Time

James Greythe filmmakers behind such recent hits as The night belongs to us (2007), The Lost City Z (2016) and Ad Astra (2019), has already made a strong impression on the film world. He’s become quite well-known for taking high-profile settings like outer space and jungle ruins and adding real humanity to them, asking his audience thought-provoking questions about life, rather than being two-hour adventures you’ll forget in a week, so. With Armageddon period (2022), Gray seeks to tell a much more personal story about the “American Dream” and the many struggles that come with such an optimistic ideal.

Set in the 1980s, Armageddon period focuses on the lives and times of the Graff family, a Jewish-American unit trying to find their way through life’s challenges. More specifically, the story revolves around young Paul Graff (banks repetition), who in Johnny Davis (Jaylin Webb). Although the Graff family has experienced its fair share of discrimination based on heritage and cultural identity, Paul’s parents are Esther (Anne Hathaway) and Irving (Jeremy Stark) disapprove of Paul associating with a black child, thinking it will only lead to trouble for him. This leads to the parents deciding to send Paul to a private school, where he will be even more isolated from the necessary lessons that a diverse world can offer him. Although Paul is often told to keep his head down and not meddle, he is thankfully supported by his more urbane and understanding grandfather Aaron (Anthony Hopkins) who teaches the boy that there is no shame in standing up for what is right when injustice is done.

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Since the premiere at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival Armageddon period is already receiving buzz for awards recognition, making this a must-read for those interested in what might be nominated this year. To find out exactly how to watch James Gray’s latest film, just keep reading below to find out.

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Is Armageddon Time streaming or in cinemas?

Armageddon period will premiere in theaters exclusively via a limited release, with no current plans for a streaming release. Given that the production company behind the film is Focus Features, owned by Universal Pictures, that would make Peacock the likeliest streaming contender for the if and when Armageddon period will be available for streaming.

Audiences can see the story of Paul and the Graff family as early as Friday, October 28, 2022 when the highly anticipated film has a limited release in select cities. The film will then be released to cinemas nationwide the following week on Friday, November 4, 2022. You can visit the film’s official website to see when the film will be showing in a theater near you.

The trailer for Armageddon period starts out very light-hearted and funny and sets the stage for the film’s setting with “Good Times”. Chic Dubbing of footage of the Puth family mocking the election of Ronald Reagan. Family disagreements typical of the average family follow, with Paul expressing his desire to become an artist. His grandfather wholeheartedly supports Paul in following his dreams, but his parents are much more realistic and want Paul to continue his studies so that he can get into a real college.

Paul then meets Johnny and the two become instant close friends until Paul’s parents disapprove of the relationship and send Paul to another school. Although his parents do this in the name of love for their son, their strict refuge from Paul leads to some complications for the boy as he struggles to fit in with his classmates and the new school environment. Luckily, Paul has his grandfather, who encourages the boy not to shy away from adversity and to stand up for his beliefs.

The trailer not only showcases some of the rave reviews to date, but also showcases the impressive cast of Armageddon period. The cast of actors consists of Banks Repeta (The black phone), Jaylin Webb (The Wonderful Years), Emmy winner Jeremy Strong (successor) and three Oscar winners in Anne Hathaway (Les Miserables), Jessica Chastain (Tammy Faye’s eyes) and Anthony Hopkins (The father).

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Other must-see films that challenge the American dream

Minari (2020): This portrait of a Korean family living in rural America is a much more uplifting look at immigrant life in America, but it also doesn’t gloss over how difficult life in a new country can be, especially in the USA United States. The Characters of Jacob (Steven Yeun) and Monica (Yeri Han) are doing what they can to provide the best possible care for their families and give their children a much better childhood than they ever had. Also, we would be remiss not to mention Youn Yuh-jung as Grandma Sounja, whose delightful performance more than earned the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

Ma Rainey’s black butt (2020): Based on the August Wilson play of the same name, Ma Rainey’s black butt is a compelling look at how black Americans have historically been promised and then immediately taken back the American Dream, particularly in the entertainment industry. Although the film takes place indoors over a couple of hours, the film’s dialogue is captivating from start to finish, supported by some incredible performances Viola Davis (fences) in the leading role and one of the last and greatest roles Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther). Without giving too much away, the ending of the film manages to be absolutely shocking and sadly realistic at the same time.

Captain Fantastic (2016): Viggo Mortensen (Lord of the Rings) plays Ben, a father raising six children in the mountains, cut off from the rest of civilized society. When his wife tragically dies, Ben’s father-in-law forbids him and his family from attending the funeral, but Ben won’t deny his family the chance to say goodbye. It’s another heartwarming film about how rejecting social norms and standards can have many positive outcomes as well as dire consequences.

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