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Get dressed and buckle up, it’s time to head back to a town called Bel-Air. Season 2 of Peacock’s dramatic reimagining of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air will be streaming on Thursday 23rd February. Here’s how to watch.

Bel Air follows a reinvented Will (Jabari Banks) on his journey from West Philadelphia to the gated communities of Bel-Air. Set in the present day, Will’s move places him in a world very different from the one he’s always known and brings with it new family, social and emotional conflicts. After the first episode released on February 23, new episodes will be available to stream every Thursday.

how to watch Bel Air while streaming
Bel Air is a Peacock Original Series, so the upcoming second season – as well as all 10 episodes of the first season – is available to everyone who subscribes to the platform. By signing up to Peacock you get access to other exclusive content such as: The Traitors, Poker Face, The Real Housewives of Miami, Vampire Academy, The Best Man: Final Chapters and more. As a subscriber, you also get access to feature films that stream only on Peacock, including the hit thriller M3GAN and its unaudited version (as of February 24), Jordan Peele’s nopethe Oscar nominee tar, ticket to paradise, she said, brothers and the whole Harry Potter Franchise.

You can also stream the daily soap opera days of our lives and whole seasons of yellowstone, modern family, The office And Two and a half men. Peacock is also the exclusive home for streaming new episodes of next-day NBC shows like the #OneChicago Trifecta, La BreaThe law & order Franchise, Saturday night live And The voice.

($4.99/month; $9.99/month for Peacock Premium Plus without ads)

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Peacock currently offers two subscription levels: the Premium plan, which lets you stick through a few ads and costs just $4.99/month (sign up here); and Peacock Premium Plus, which brings in $9.99/month and saves you from watching any Ads (login here).

what is Bel Air Around?
In Season 2, Will finds himself at a crossroads when a new character enters his life who challenges what he learned in Bel-Air. He continues to navigate his place in the Banks family and tries to rebuild the trust that was broken at the end of last season. Will and Carlton grow closer but still challenge each other over their differences. Season 2 will also follow the oldest Banks child, Hilary, as her career develops, and Viv and Phil as they balance their personal and professional lives.


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