How to Watch V/H/S/99

The next chapter in the V/H/S Movie franchise is finally here! V/H/S/99 brings together the same anthology-style horror fans love but with an added ’90s twist. From the kid shows of the decade to CKY punk skate culture to the turn of the millennium, this latest addition to the franchise will have your skin crawling as nostalgia and dread both wash over you. collecting five short films, V/H/S/99 will bring together a whole new group of writers and directors to introduce a whole new take on horror that audiences have never seen before.

If you’re curious to find out when and where to see the found footage film, we’ve searched the dead man’s basement, searched the cult’s grounds, and rewatched the viral footage to find out everything you need to know.


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When will V/H/S/99 be released?

As Halloween approaches, audiences are consuming horror shows and movies faster than a demonic succubus is consuming its unsuspecting victims. Luckily you can add the latest ones V/H/S Movie to your haunted vacation watch list. V/H/S/99 First premiered in September 2022 at the Toronto International Film Festival. A month later, the anthology collection is scheduled to be released on October 20th.

Is V/H/S/99 coming to cinemas?

With the current influx of movies hitting theaters, you might be wondering if the latest installment of the V/H/S Found footage franchises hit the big screen. Unfortunately for cinephiles with a particular love for theatrical experience, V/H/S/99 will only be available for streaming.

That V/H/S/99 Trailer sets the stage for a truly chilling series of stories. As the Back Street Boys‘ Larger Than Life plays in the background, viewers can see a dark and gory depiction of hell, a young woman being buried alive, touches of gruesome body horror, choreographed dances and plain old dial-up internet. These horrors and more await you in the five short films, linked for the first time in stop-motion animation with no frame narration V/H/S Story.

Where is V/H/S/99 streamed online?

Don’t worry, you don’t need a VHS player to view the footage on these tapes. This episode of V/H/S The film series is available exclusively from Shudder. So if you want to see what horrors lurk within the tapes, you’ll need a subscription to the horror-only streaming service. A subscription to Shudder costs $4.75 per month after a seven-day free trial and gives you access to a massive amount of horror content, including movies directed and written by some of the minds behind it V/H/S/99including the cheesy and surreal story of body horror madness, Kuso through Flying lotusand the story of a paranormal live stream gone wrong death stream through Joseph and Vanessa Winters.

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What is V/H/S/99 about?

Sticking to the same anthology style V/H/S/99 will have a total of five found footage horror shorts centered around the main theme of 1999, the millennium and Y2K culture. The shorts included Ozzy’s dungeon by Flying Lotus (Kuso) and Zoe Cooper (The ritual), a story inspired by the real children’s game show Legends of the Hidden Temple. In the short, a contestant on the game show Ozzy’s Dungeon is left permanently injured, and her parents kidnap the show’s host to get revenge.

The Gazers through Chris Lee Hill (patchwork) and Tyler McIntyre (tragedy girl) tells the story of a group of teenagers whose infatuation with their attractive new neighbor takes a dark turn when they learn her dark secret. shredding through Maggie Levin (The black phone) goes behind the scenes of a punk band’s music video shoot, which takes place in an abandoned venue where another band’s dead members may still be haunting the stage. suicide commandment through John Robert (Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City) shows the dark side of joining an elite college sorority. To hell and back by Joseph and Vanessa Winter (death stream) describes a New Year’s party gone awry, where a camera crew learns what’s in Hell itself.

Where can you watch the previous V/H/S movies?

The first three V/H/S movies, V/H/S, V/H/S/2and V/H/S: Viral, are all available to stream on Hulu. In these three films, audiences follow the findings of a group assigned to examine a VHS tape at a dead man’s house, a private investigator searching for evidence in a missing person’s VHS tapes, and a young man trying to find her his missing girlfriend through the weird and horrific videos of her streamed to his phone. V/H/S/94, released in 2021, is exclusive to Shudder and can only be viewed with a Shudder subscription. This episode shows what videos a group of dead cultists watched in their drug-filled compound. You can stream V/H/S/94 with the following link:

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Where to watch V/H/S spin-off SiREN?

sirenthe V/H/S Spin-off Film, is a full-length feature film based on the amateur night short from the start V/H/S Movie. amateur night follows the moves of a group of men renting a hotel room to bring back drunk women from a local bar. When the unsuspecting and uninhibited men bring back a succubus named Lily, they get a dose of revenge they never saw coming. siren is the story of how Lily came to earth, who summoned her and how she escaped her evil plan. The dark and gripping story will keep you busy as the beautiful demon is not as innocent as she seems. Published in 2016, this story about a failed bachelor party is available to stream on Syfy and USA Network.

Read an excerpt from Collider’s Review of V/H/S/99

colliders Marco Vitto Oddo has given V/H/S/99 a very positive review and a B+ rating, writing that the film has taken the franchise to “new horror heights”. Read on for an excerpt of the article or view the full review here.

The cultural landmarks of 1999 aren’t just casual references to a bygone era or background Easter eggs at the heart of most segments of V/H/S/99. So the film begins with Maggie Levin‘s Shredding follows a rock band back in the days when punk rock was still on the radio. and Flying lotus‘ ‘Ozzy’s Dungeon’ conjures up a twisted and disgusting horror story inspired by Legends of the Hidden Temple, which provides a new gruesome reason for the show’s cancellation. Each director of V/H/S/99 have done their homework and collected V/H/S/99 from an anthology of random horror stories to a love letter to a specific year.

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