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That old “desert island product” schtick is pretty annoying. If I were stranded on a desert island, I wouldn’t worry about mascara or blush, I would worry about impending death from dehydration. SPF is the only exception that comes to mind. Without them, a Celtic complexion could kill you faster than dehydration in a sunny climate. The point is: beauty is a luxury. Many of the most beautiful things in life are. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t serve an important purpose.

Beauty is always both a harbinger and expression of seasonal changes and this time of year I feel an immense mood boost from wearing colour, but it is also a motivator for my desire to wear more colour.

As the light gets a little brighter and yellower out in the world and daffodils start considering popping up to take their annual shot, I instinctively reach for more brightness. This brightness spreads throughout our bodies, and everything becomes a little less dreary and a little more fun. You most likely won’t need to buy anything new to indulge in this springtime beauty refit. If you dig down to the bottom of your makeup bag, chances are you’ll find a soft pink blush you’ve ignored since last summer, or a screeching red lipstick that hasn’t felt until now, or a rich amethyst eyeshadow that you sometimes pull out and admire but feel too freaky to wear.

Now is the time. If you’re afraid to play with colors, there are countless experts on Instagram who manage to create beautifully glowing looks that never get caught up in amateur drama. Follow @olgreeneyesemma, a Dublin-based creative who gracefully transitions between stylistically bold and understated, yet always interesting and stylish, makeup. New York-based makeup artist @katiejanehughes has an offbeat, painterly style, creating beautifully fresh and wearable makeup that plays with color in unexpected ways. There is limitless color inspiration online.

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Rouge Hermès Limited Edition Shiny Lipstick (€73 at

These vibrant, limited-edition colors embody seasonal beauty. Corail Parasol is the cheerful hero of the group.

Chanel Le Baume Essentiel in Rouge Frais (€42 at Brown Thomas)

The Le Baume Essentiel Glow Gel Stick comes in a variety of shades (the bronze and champagne shades are some of my absolute favorites). They are sheer, imparting subtle but never unnatural or overpowering color and leaving a “your skin but enhanced” finish. This red might look intimidating, but it’s awesome. Apply like bronzer and blush.

Trinny London Eye2Eye in Vision (€22 at

Lavender is considered one of the ubiquitous colors of 2023. This is no silly lavender affair, however, but one with a taupe undertone that applies well with a clean finger, feels more like a nude, yet is gorgeous to green and blue eyes stressed . A perfect jump into springtime color for those reluctant to jump right in.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Matte Beauty Blush Wand (€36 at

These colorful blushes have taken the beauty world by storm. A strong (but not overwhelming) diffusion of soft color blends beautifully across the cheeks for a watercolor blush effect. Every shade is a winner.

Mac Locked Kiss Ink 24hr lip color in mischief (€32 nationwide at Mac counters)

For low-maintenance but high-impact, colorful lips, choose a liquid ink formula like this one. It is transfer, water and kiss proof. It’s also lunch-proof (I tested it).

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