How to win as a Survivor in Dragon Ball: The Breakers

Do you want to know how to win as a survivor in dragon ball The breakers? Dragon Ball The Breakers is an asymmetric online action game in which seven ordinary citizens try to survive the attacker. The attackers can hunt and evolve into unstoppable killing machines. Players can choose to play as either a raider or a survivor in the game, based on their choice. In this guide you will get some tips to win as a survivor dragon ball The breakers.

Who is a Dragon Ball The Breakers Survivor?

Survivors have one ultimate goal in the game – to escape the island alive. To achieve this, they must work together and use their unique abilities to survive waves of attackers. As a survivor, you have two options to escape. One is to find five hidden Power Keys that activate the Super Time Machine, or you can run from a Mini Time Machine.

You can use different skills and equipment to win as a survivor. Grappling Hooks, which can be used to cover a long distance, and Smoke Bombs, which can be used to distract raiders, are two of many others.

You can play The Farmer, Bulma, and Oolong as characters, and each comes with unique skins and abilities.


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How to win as a survivor in Dragon Ball The Breakers?

Dragon Ball The Breakers Survivor

You must do three things to win as a survivor; Learn how to use your skills, keep the change meter full and stay focused on the game goals.

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Learn how to use your skills:

As a survivor, you must learn how to use your abilities and when to use them. Typically, you can use your abilities for general travel around the map. But if you save your skills for emergencies, you can survive when the attackers attack.

For example, the Oolong ability comes in handy for staying hidden. If a robber is chasing you, use this ability to turn into a bush and hide.

Keep the change indicator full:

The change indicator is a yellow bar at the bottom of the screen. This bar fills up as you complete objectives such as defeating attackers or collecting items. When the bar is complete, you can use it to activate your character’s ultimate ability, which can be used to deal some damage to the attackers or help you survive.

Focus on the game goals:

You need to focus on two main goals as a survivor; Activate the time machine and survive to the end.

You must collect five Energy Keys hidden around the map to activate the Time Machine. The attackers will try to prevent you from collecting these keys, so you have to be careful.

The other goal is to survive to the end. This can be difficult as the attackers will keep attacking you. But if you use your skills and focus on the objectives, you can survive and win as a survivor.

These tips can help you win as a survivor dragon ball The breakers. Follow these tips and you can survive the waves of attackers and escape the island alive.

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dragon ball The Breakers is available for Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC.

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