How To Winterize Your Lawn Sprinkler System

If the zone has a manual drain valve, open it up. But the question of when to stop watering your lawn and winterize your sprinkler system is a little more complicated.

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The first step in sprinkler winterization is to shut off the water supply to your sprinkler system completely so that there is no longer even a trickle water flowing.

How to winterize your lawn sprinkler system. Blowing the lines out with air is the most effective way to winterize your sprinkler system. An irrigation system that has a manual drainage system is fairly easy to drain. Your yard will thank you when you can still water the lawn next spring.

Winterizing a sprinkler system involves shutting off the water to the system and blowing out all of the sprinkler zones with compressed air so there is very little water that can freeze in cold weather. You can trust the pros from ryan lawn & tree to properly winterize your sprinkler system. Here are a few tips to accomplish this:

Winterize your lawn sprinkler system!! As temperatures outside drop below the freezing point of water, water in your sprinkler system pipes can freeze into ice and expand, causing your pipes to burst as a result. Any remaining moisture might freeze and damage your system.

There are three basic methods for draining leftover water from your sprinkler or irrigation system: Following an annual sprinkler system maintenance routine will help to prolong the life of your sprinkler system and prevent expensive service and repair calls. Lawn sprinkler winterization can be a relatively quick diy job, but there are a few reasons why you may still want to spend the money to hire an irrigation maintenance professional for this one.

Let’s explain how these work: Now it's time to winterize our lawn's irrigation system. But to keep that irrigation system running smooth a long time, you have to winterize it as the weather gets colder and colder in many parts of the country.

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Okay, so you have any auto drain sprinkler system. Start to winterize your sprinkler system by cutting off the water supply. When you turn off the pressure, the spring opens and allows the water to run out.

You want to make sure whoever you hire to winterize your sprinklers will be able to guarantee the work in case there are issues when your system starts up again in the. If you don’t feel comfortable winterizing your sprinkler system on your own, there are plenty of professional lawn and sprinkler care services standing by ready to help each fall. We know why we winterize sprinkler systems here in the midwest.

The goal of sprinkler winterization is to make sure the pipes are completely dry. Your grass likes a deep drink every week to 10 days in most climates. Your lines must be drained or blown out using an air compressor before the first hard freeze.

Lawn sprinkler winterization, also known as sprinkler shut down, fall closing, and winter blow out is the process of preparing your irrigation system for the cold winter months. Take these steps to prepare your sprinklers for the cold season. In general, you begin winterizing your sprinkler system by turning off the system’s water supply then manually running the sprinkler until there doesn’t appear to be any water left in the system.

First, the winterization process requires a fairly comprehensive working knowledge of your specific system, including the layout of each irrigation. We are your trusted winterization experts and will do the job right! If it is not a removable variety, wrap it in insulated blanketing for the winter.

Sprinkler blow out vs auto drain system. Your auto drain sprinkler system has a spring. When temperatures start to fall, it's time to consider winterizing your sprinkler system.

Depending on the type of sprinkler system you have, there are different ways to drain out the water and winterize your system. Once you’ve stopped the flow of water, insulate the main shut off valve with foam. Winter conditions can easily take a toll on your irrigation system, so it’s important to prepare your pipes and sprinklers for subzero temperatures.

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The winterizing process will help to assure that the coming winter and freezing temperatures do not damage or compromise your sprinkler system’s components and piping. If you’re not sure, or don’t feel comfortable winterizing yourself, contact a professional for help. A hard freeze is when the outdoor air dips below 0 degrees fahrenheit.

If a line ends up having a couple of high spots it is possible to retain enough water in the line to freeze, expand, and rupture the line. This damage happens if any water left in the system freezes, so winterization is an important part of yearly maintenance each fall. But, because they are automated, out of sight, and out of mind, they are easy to forget about.

Draining manual irrigation lines without an air compressor is only as good as the installation. The method you use depends on the type of irrigation you have in place. If you live in a warm or temperate climate, winterizing your lawn sprinkler system may not be necessary at all.

When there’s pressure, it pushes the spring closed. Simply fill out the form below to schedule your appointment and. Close off both valves on the backflow preventer.

If the system operates with a pump, this will need to be drained, disconnected, and stored indoors for the winter. Winterizing your irrigation system will keep it running better and longer. It's usually near the water meter and the primary.

You need to winterize your. Be wary of so called discount winterizations by unlicensed people. How to winterize your lawn mower next, turn off the water supply to the sprinkler system and set the timer to open just one zone.

When water freezes, it expands to approximately 9% of its volume and when in a contained space like a plastic pipe, it expands enough to crack and even shatter the pvc pipe. They could do more harm than good to your system!! Irrigation and sprinkler systems are part of your overall property value so it is critical for homeowners to make sure that you winterize or blow out your sprinkler system.

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A sprinkler system helps beautify your lawn and garden. Don't let freezing weather damage your sprinkler system! Simply turn the valve to the off position.

The steps presented here are generic to most systems, but you want to see whether you need to take any specific actions for your sprinklers. How to winterize a sprinkler system. Most of the country will see at least one deep freeze during the cold season.

When to winterize your sprinkler system and other great questions sprinkler systems are an easy and effective way to provide our lawns with the water they need. Close the main valve to the sprinkler system. Or that’s the plan anyway.

Many more will see freezing temperatures and snow through the winter months.

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