How To Wire Subs To A Stock Radio

The amp has an output of 350 watts rms at 2 ohms and 200 watts at 4 ohms. Anyways as touring said you can get a lineout converter.

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Also consider the impedance and power ratings of the subwoofer and amplifier.

How to wire subs to a stock radio. 1 amp (for your subs) including the following [1 power wire, 1 ground wire, 1 remote cable wire, 1 rca wire] 1 lineout converter (speaker level to rca) 1 wire splicing tool optional wire diagram of your stock radio harness step 1 I plan to install a sub woofer to my 2012 hl se with stock radio. Once you remove the stock stereo, you will see a blue and white wire, which is basically your remote wire.

Remove the stock car radio from the dashboard of your car. The university center stands on the former. Step by step methods of installing a subwoofer to the factory stereo system disjoin the negative terminal of the car battery function the power from the how to install a line output converter w stock radio.

They access the speaker wires behind the trim piece between the front and rear doors. Wiring subwoofers to stock radio. I have 2 10 subs hooked up 2 my stock radio just use a line out converter(loc) tap into the rear speakers connect the wires to the loc and the rca wires to the the amp and u can wire the remote wire to the radio fuse so the amp should only cut on when the car cuts on nd off when its off.

2014 silverado cew cab amp install with stock radio. Once you've identified each of the eight speaker wires, cut each one. I searched the board and came across this thread for a camry.

Therefore, youll have the most success with the online approach when you chose a dating site that truly fits your needs. I am keeping my factory radio, installing new front/rear speakers, new 14ga speaker wiring with the addition of a pair of subs and a 5 channel amp. Is there a preout for the amp or lineout converter is the only way for stock unit?

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You'd have unwrap the harness to find the leads. All of the fuses in here aren't actually connected to anything. The subs do 275 watts rms a piece, so i was maybe thinking getting a smaller mono amp for the other sub, unless you think i don't have to.

You need that completely off so you can get to the plug that feeds signal to the rear door speakers. Has anyone done this before? All you need to do is get a rca wire, cut in half, strip both the outer and inner wire.

Then take a piece of speaker wire, strip and slit about 2 inches. The thing is, my parents don't want me to change out head units, because they want to keep the 6 cd changer that came stock with the truck, so i need either two things, does anyone know if and how to hook up an amp and subs to a stock ford radio, or do they now a cheap head unit that will work with the stock cd changer. The blue wire may be plugged into this connector or left loose.

In the case of both remote and antenna wires the power antenna wire will only output 12 volts when the radio is on. Connect the blue remote wire to the blue stereo wire. Either slide your new head unit directly into the wire harness while matching the corresponding colors together or use wire strippers to expose the wires on each corresponding pair and twist the exposed part to tighten it.

For stock head units, wiring the remote turn on wire isn’t quite as simple, but is still easily done if you follow the proper steps. If you were to connect your amplifier's remote terminal to the power antenna wire then you would only get output from the amplifier with the radio. Here is a post from a member.

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My front and rear speakers are high powered capable, so i'm wanting the amp to power the speakers, not the factory radio. Decide how to wire the subwoofer based on the subwoofer’s type and number of voice coils. Slide each set of exposed wires into a butt connector and use a crimp tool to set the wire in place.

Connect the end going to the speakers to the appropriate wire coming from the amp's output. When the stereo comes on, so will the amp. Is it possible to wire a subwoofer or 2 to the stock radio in a 2007 silverado?

Then attach the other ends of the speaker wire to each end of the stripped rca's. When you switch to cd the amplifier would not work because the head unit turns off. The subs have a switch which lets you choose between 2 and 4 ohms.

On my 2018 the wire colors were: You could search on the site but it seems most people use the rear speaker wires to tap into for subs. Repeat to the other side and now you have to rca wires to plug into your amp.

Make sure that you carefully remove the screws that hold the stereo in place ensuring that no wires are cut. Take the outer cover off your back speakers and connect the two ends of the speaker wire to the stock speakers, one end to possitive and one to negative. Out of the fuse box and across to be runned along with the main power cable.

Can u hook up subs stock radio, rerun the speaker wires from the they mostly as hook up subs to stock radio follows. Your stereo will have a bunch of colored wires inserted into a black connector. Is i took off the panel in the trunk to reveal a fuse panel.

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Now because i have a stock se, no moonroof, no power/heated seats. I chose to run my remote wire straight from the fuse box. Connect the end coming from the radio plug to a new wire going to the amp's input.

To wire in parallel, simply connect the positive leads of both subs to the amp’s positive terminal and the negative leads to the amp’s negative terminal. Since a stock/factory radio doesn’t have a remote turn on output like an aftermarket head unit, the voltage turn on signal has to come from the factory electrical system. 3 ways to wire an amp to a sub and head unit.

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