How to zip a file

Knowing how to compress a file or folder on a Mac or Windows PC is helpful. Finally, zipped files and folders are compressed to a smaller size. That means they take up less space on your hard drive or cloud storage. It also ensures that they can be more easily sent via email or other means.

Search online and you’ll find plenty of zip apps, but you don’t need to invest in any of them to be able to compress files. The tools are built into macOS and Windows and create files ending in the .zip extension. To see what’s inside a .zip file, simply double-click it to extract or unzip it.

How to Compress a File or Folder on Mac

1. Want to zip a single item? Right-click a file or folder and Choose Compress from the drop down menu.

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Because you only zipped a single file or folder, the zipped file will have the name of the original item.

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2. If you want to compress more than one item, Highlight each file or folder with your mouse or trackpad.

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