‘I love Manish Sisodia’ school campaign is latest AAP-BJP flashpoint in Delhi

Although the AAP has yet to officially announce such a program, the BJP in Delhi said government students should scribble messages in support of Manish Sisodia on desks.

A photo of an “I love Manish Sisodia” desk at a government school in Delhi. (Twitter/@24shailesh)

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The AAP government in Delhi sets up “I love Manish Sisodia” desks in government schools in the city to gain “forced support” for his following his arrest by the CBI for his alleged involvement in tax fraud, the BJP has claimed.

While there has been no official announcement of such a campaign by the AAP government, the BJP citing WhatsApp, alleged desks have been set up in state schools as part of “dirty politics”.

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“Under the auspices of the Delhi government, special ‘I love Manish Sisodia’ desks are being set up in government schools to obtain forced support for Sisodia from students,” claimed Delhi BJP spokesman Praveen Shankar Kapoor.

No immediate response was available from AAP.

Kapoor shared a copy of an alleged message about it on social media, saying that students under the program should write messages in support of Sisodia and expressing their concerns about his arrest. These messages are then to be delivered to the former Deputy Prime Minister, who resigned from the Delhi cabinet on Tuesdayand is currently in CBI custody, he added.

“It is unfortunate that even after the arrest of Manish Sisodia and the court reprimand for his bail, the Delhi government has not ended its dirty politics in the name of education and has now bowed low by involving innocent school children in it,” said Kapoor reportedly.

“Delhi BJP strongly condemns this dirty policy of forcing school children to support Sisodia and urges that this ‘I love Manish Sisodia’ desk program be stopped immediately,” he added.


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