I Ranked 11 ‘Harry Potter’ Characters From Best To Worst & I’m Truly Sorry, Cedric Diggory

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In the Harry PotterThroughout the series, some characters just seem to stand out from the rest. And I don’t mean just because of the cast – some characters are just better than others thanks to their charm and traits.

These characters are the ones you would want as friends, whether it’s because of their kindness or their talent. Meanwhile, there are some that just bother you more than anything else.

if you a Harry Potter Fan, you probably have your own opinion on who falls into which category – I’m here to share mine.

In honor of the series that never grows old, I created 11 ranked characters Harry Potter Movies in order of best to worst, and fans might be a little surprised.

Hermione Granger

Yes, Hermione gets first place in this ranking. You might think that Harry deserves top spot as “the chosen one,” but where would the golden boy be without the “cleverest witch” of his age?

Hermione’s quick thinking, cleverness, and willingness save Harry and Ron’s necks several times in the films, and Harry definitely wouldn’t have made it as far as he did without her.

You could say it even goes back to the first moment Hermione and Harry meet when she repairs his glasses with the oculus reparo spell on the train. Without her, would Harry ever have gotten his glasses fixed or new ones?

Without Hermione there, who knows – his glasses might have snapped in half taking on Quirrell The Philosopher’s Stone or when fighting the basilisk The Chamber of Secrets.

In addition to her skills, Hermione shows again and again that she is an all-round friendly, animal-loving witch.

Harry Potter

Even though Harry doesn’t get first place on this list, I couldn’t rank him to far below of course.

The golden boy deserves all the credit for one thing: defeating Voldemort, obviously; second: just being a nice guy all around, and third: spending his time constantly saving Hogwarts because man, despite everything Harry did, all he had to show for it were Gryffindor points and bragging rights ( which he doesn’t even use , btw).

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As shown in the films, his character is one who responds to any crisis with courage and determination. It would just never occur to Harry to give up his quest, friends or loved ones. Who wouldn’t want a friend like that?

Rubeus Hagrid

​Hagrid gets a close place at the top thanks to his friendly demeanor in the films.

I mean really, this man opened his house up to three kids who are constantly bugging him about stuff. He always does what he can to help them – not only that, but always with a smile on his face!

Hagrid is the kind of person who invites you over for tea and lets you rant about failing Potions. Or offer to babysit your pet rat while you visit your brother in Romania. And he wouldn’t charge anything for it!

Ron Weasley

Ron comes in just under the top three for me, and I promise there’s a good reason for that.

While Hermione and Harry can be viewed as selfless friends who constantly give their all to the cause they are fighting for that day, Ron, on the other hand, falls a bit short.

Sure he does what he can. But in many cases he lets his fears get the better of him – I mean spiders, dogs (aka Sirius), what is this guy not afraid of?

He can also be a bit immature. Sure, he’s a kid for most movies, but compared to Hermione and Harry, Ron seems more childish and impulsive.

We also see Ron getting in the mood all the time. You didn’t ask Hermione to the dance and she went with someone else – get over it! Or later in the deathly Hallows Movies – Harry and Hermione don’t sleep together Ron, it’s in your head!

Apart from that, of course, he has some redeeming qualities, like his protective instincts towards his friends.

Sirius Black

If you’re not a fan of Sirius Black I just want to know…why?

Sirius clearly loves Harry and any viewer probably felt the heartache when Harry couldn’t be with the only family he had in the films.

He is also brave, stepping in several times to protect others and opposing Voldemort with the Order of the Phoenix.

He also spent 12 years in Azkaban for a crime he didn’t commit and still came out a good guy. That deserves praise!

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Albus Dumbledore

Dumbledore is a beloved character for many, so of course he deserves a spot on this list.

However, he definitely has some traits that bring him closer to the bottom than the top.

For one, he’s quite manipulative and secretive throughout the movies if you think about it. Dumbledore knew all along that he was leading Harry to his death. As Snape put it, “Dumbledore raised him like a pig for slaughter”.

And yes, it may seem that Dumbledore cared about Harry the whole time, but he still acted in a way that served the greater good rather than what was good for Harry.

But it’s not all bad. Dumbledore’s kindness (especially in the first two films) sets him apart. He is also said to equal Voldemort in terms of skills and magical talent, but he chooses to use them for good. That gets him some points.

Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood is introduced later in the films and she is definitely not as important to the plot as Hermione, Ron or Harry (obviously). But she deserves a place in this ranking simply because she is her quirky self.

Luna is weird and eccentric – sometimes very eccentric – but she always remains her unique self, a nice idea in today’s world where many are pressured to be people they are not.

She is open to seeing the wilder side of life and is always kind and sweet to others.

She’s also just as brave as any Gryffindor, although she’s sorted into Ravenclaw where wit, not bravery, is valued. you go girl


You might be surprised that Dobby is so low on the list – I get that, but listen to me.

Dobby is a great character – he clearly cares for Harry and even dies for him (in the saddest movie death ever and no, you won’t convince me otherwise).

But when he came in The Chamber of Secrets he’s… just annoying. Surely there was another way to keep Harry from returning to Hogwarts. Why didn’t Dobby just try to talk to Harry? Instead, he ruins his life for a good chunk of the movie.

Like dropping that cake at the Dursleys. Harry’s already having a rough time at home, Dobby, which makes things worse!

Still, the reason he annoyed Harry a bit is admirable, and Dobby later proves to be a useful friend to Harry, so he keeps a better-than-last spot on this list.

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Severus Snape

As much as I love Alan Rickman, Snape was a cold character who often expressed his dislike for Harry.

That alone is enough to give it a lower spot on this list. What kind of adult has a personal vendetta against a child?

And it wasn’t just Harry – Snape wasn’t particularly friendly to most of the students. He was what Neville feared the most, as shown when Neville’s Boggart takes the form of the Professor The Prisoner of Azkaban. This should tell you what you need to know about the kind of person Snape was.

However, I belong to the group of fans who believe that he redeems himself by trying to save Harry. That and his love for Lily, which is cute, keeps him off the bottom of the list.

Lord Voldemort

Sure, Voldemort is the villain, but you could say his evilness stems from his circumstances.

After all, he was orphaned. Who knows what he would have been like if he had had a loving family?

And while he definitely proves how bad he can be in the movies, you have to admire his drive and originality – it seems like he’s had a whole plan laid out since he was a youngster, which he’s pulled through. Who can tell?

Cedric Diggory

Sorry to all Robert Pattinson fans, but Cedric Diggory gets last place on this list, especially behind Voldy.

Cedric isn’t in the movies for long – he’s in it The Goblet of Fire and then dies at the hands of Voldemort.

But for the short time he’s been around, he’s kind of an idiot. His friends bully Harry throughout the tournament and Cedric does little to stop them.

When Harry even helps Cedric with one of the tasks, the Hufflepuff doesn’t do much to thank him. He’ll return the favor, yes, but probably only because Harry made the offer of help in the first place.

You may be wondering why his place is lower than Voldemort’s. But old Voldy was the villain of the movies – Cedric was one of the good guys and a Hufflepuff, no less!

Hufflepuff values ​​include things like loyalty, kindness, and a strong moral code, as well as a sense of right and wrong—things he definitely hasn’t shown in his short tenure.

There’s also something to be said about him dating Harry’s girlfriend. Does he deserve to die for it? No. Was his death such a great loss? So…

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