I Ranked The ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Characters From Best To Worst & I’m Sorry, Moira Rose

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When it comes to Canadian TV shows, Schott’s Creek is up there with the best of them.

Along with the wholesome storylines, hilarious one-liners, and of course iconic outfits, there’s a star-studded cast of characters that really bring the sitcom to life.

From Dan Levy’s outrageous David Rose to Catherine O’Hara’s legendary Moira Rose, the small town of Schitt’s Creek is home to many great personalities — though some are more loveable than others.

In recognition of the national treasure, then Schott’s CreekI’ve ranked the show’s characters from best to worst — and die-hard fans might be more than a little surprised.

All I can say is I’m sorry Moira Rose.

Stevie Budd

“Sometimes I forget what life was like before I knew you.”

It might be a somewhat controversial choice, but for me, Stevie Budd is the glue that holds Schitt’s Creek together.

From the start, Stevie’s sarcasm and quick wit keep the Rose family as grounded as they could be given the circumstances, and her subsequent relationship with David is one of the most interesting to develop throughout the show.

Despite her tough “Stevie” exterior, viewers eventually get to see her softer side, and in the end, it’s hard not to love her as much as the Rose family.

It also features some of the show’s most emotional moments, including the scene with David in the driveway in the penultimate episode.

Besides her Cabaret! The performance in season five is among the most memorable moments in all six seasons.

I love you Stevie!

David Rose

“I couldn’t be one with nature. I do Coachella every year.”

“I’m starting to feel like I’m trapped here in the lyrics of an Avril Lavigne song.”

“A pizza? What’s that, ‘Les Mis’?”

David Rose is undoubtedly Schitt’s Creek’s biggest whiner, diva, and asshole, while also being one of the series’ most compelling characters.

He comes a long way over the course of six seasons, and it’s so healing to see his priorities and emotions evolve from the first episode to the last.

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What’s more, his developing relationships with almost everyone else on the show — including Stevie, Alexis, and Patrick — are so heartwarming (and quite emotional!) to watch.

He also has arguably the best one-liners on the show.

The best part about this iconic wedding anniversary episode is seeing David Rose so happy — because he deserves it.

Patrick Brewer

“Rose Apothecary… you know, it’s just pretentious enough.”

Easily among the most lovable characters in Schott’s CreekPatrick would melt even the coldest of hearts.

Sweet, kind, patient and totally in love with David Rose, it’s hard not to be blown away by Noah Reid’s performance as Patrick Brewer.

Like many of the show’s characters, he also laughs every minute and is especially funny when dealing with David’s drama… and Ronnie.

If he had been on the show prior to Season 3, he probably would have ranked even higher on this list.

Alexis Rose

“Ew, David!”

Everyone loves a little bit of Alexis and her personal growth over the six seasons of Schott’s Creek you deserve a top spot on this list.

Like her on-screen brother, Alexis starts the series as a total prima donna, but really finds herself by the end. She returns to school, embarks on a new career, and grows into a strong, independent woman ready to take on the world.

We see how much she’s matured during her time at Schitt’s Creek in her final moments with Ted that are emotional enough to make anyone sob.

Ted Mullens

“You deserve to see where it takes you.”

In a show full of wholesome characters, Ted Mullens has to be considered one of the best of them.

His adorable nature leads to extremely spasmodic moments on more than one occasion – yes, that suggestion – but most of the time he just comes across as a really nice guy. He’s also a vet!

Ted plays a significant role in supporting Alexis’ growth throughout the series, and their final farewell dinner together proves just how far they’ve come – and how much they’ve done for each other.

I will cry just thinking about it!

Moira Rose

“I’ve been gutted. I’ve been robbed of every morsel of pleasure I deserved in this life.”

“It’s probably nothing, but I think I killed a man.”

“Be careful, John, lest you become dizzy from the dizzying heights of moral soil.”

Okay, having Moira Rose so low on this list is a hot take, I get it.

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And let me be clear, if we were to rank must-see screen appearances here, Catherine O’Hara would take first place every time.

However, I see Moira, the matriarch of the Rose family, and sometimes I think she’s just a little too much.

Don’t get me wrong, like everyone else I’m obsessed with the clothes, the epic one-liners, the accent, and the wig collection, but I can’t help but think that Moira Rose would actually be hard work to be in real life .

I think she’s a little self-centered and the character doesn’t have the same growth from season to season as others. I mean, she couldn’t even remember what day her son got married!

While she’s admittedly somewhat controversial on this list, there’s no doubt that Moira Rose is one Schott’s Creek legend and had some of the show’s most iconic standout moments.

I’m sorry, babe.

Twyla sand

“Money can buy many snowmobiles, but not luck…”

Lovely, lovely Twyla is so upbeat and upbeat that at times she’s almost annoying.

A great friend, a good listener and actually pretty great at her job, it’s easy to assume her role on the show is nothing more than support for the Rose family.

Yet as the seasons pass and we learn more about her, we naturally become attached to her comforting and ever-warm presence in the city.

People obviously have mixed feelings about the “twist” at the end of last season that reveals her true circumstances, but to me it just makes her more endearing.

Ronny Lee

“It’s not ‘say yes to the dress’, princess.”

Considering that Ronnie is among the characters on this list with the shortest screen time, she actually ranks quite high.

Compared to almost-too-nice characters – like Twyla and Jocelyn – Ronnie’s no-nonsense demeanor makes her a refreshing and much-needed sensible presence in town.

Additionally, her relationship with Patrick is a long-lasting but always fun gift that she keeps giving.

Johnny Rose

“Are we having a bad day honey?”

Johnny Rose, if this were a best eyebrow contest, you would, without a doubt, take first place.

You have to ease Johnny a little as it must be difficult living with the likes of Moira, David and Alexis, but he comes off as a little cold and uncomfortable at times, especially around his family.

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That is to say, one of the most heartwarming relationships in Schott’s Creek is Johnny and Stevie’s, and that alone is enough to forgive whatever shortcomings he otherwise has.

Jocelyn Schitt

“I’ve had a real Dorito casserole kick lately.”

It might seem harsh to have Jocelyn so low on this list, especially as the founder of the legendary Jazzagals.

And you have to empathize with the woman having to put up with both Roland and Mutt (and actually Moira).

However, she’s neither the most exciting nor the most likeable character on the show, and her attempts to please everyone can seem a bit desperate at times.

However, it’s possible to envision a spin-off series about Jocelyn and the Jazzagals where she might have a little more room to be herself. We can dream, right?

Roland Schott

“If you’re looking for an ass to kiss, it’s mine.”

I’m sorry Roland.

Although the mayor of Schitt’s Creek has a key role to play in the show, I can’t help but think that if Roland were a real person, you would be dying to cross the street to avoid him at all costs.

Socially odd but a little reassuring at first, Roland Schitt’s novelty wears off in season six and he becomes increasingly annoying (and unlikable).

His comparatively charming relationship with Jocelyn almost keeps him from falling further down this list, but his moronic actions and general harassment keep him from ranking any higher.

Mut Schitt

“I never return food, I find it so rude.”

Okay, we like a bad boy, but Mutt Schitt is arguably the most unlikable (and unforgettable) character Schott’s Creek.

As the son of Roland and Jocelyn, he should have been a nicer guy when he turned out. And after dating both Twyla and Alexis and not really giving either of them the love they deserve, he finds himself at the bottom of this list.

It’s not entirely his fault, however. His early departure from the cast of the series prevented him from having the feel-good moment that most of his co-characters had, so we’ll have to tone it down a bit.

Whether you agree — or disagree — with this character ranking — something we can all acknowledge is that Schott’s Creek is among the best of the best when it comes to Canadian television shows.

If you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for, Bébé?

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