I Think A&W Is The Best Fast Food Restaurant In Canada & You Can’t Change My Mind

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Get ready for some serious appreciation from A&W, Canada.

As someone who grew up in Canada and has spent his entire life enjoying the fast food joints that come with it, I’ve always thought A&W was the best in the country.

All my life, the A&W menu has been my go-to choice for late night meals, morning breakfasts, travel lunches and more.

And as someone who has eaten fast food all over Canada and the United States, it might actually be the best fast food restaurant in the entire world, in my humble opinion.

But what makes A&W Canada so good? Well, a few things.

The root beer

If there’s anything you know about A&W, it’s that the reputation of their root beer stands them in good stead.

And with good measure. Grabbing one of these pops and sucking it back along with your meal is an almost transcendent experience. I’m not religious, but I think the joy can only be compared to the ecstasy of a spiritual revelation.

And if you’re feeling wild, getting an ice cream truck with your root beer is a huge game changer.

The citizens

I’ve eaten burgers from virtually every major fast food chain in Canada, from McDonald’s and Harveys to Burger King and more, and I think when it comes to ingredient quality and overall flavor, A&W is the undisputed champion.

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Every piece just feels so fresh and tastes so fresh, from the bun to the meat to the veggies.

It really feels like eating a burger made by humans and not a fast food robot.

Unlike most chain burger restaurants, you can actually taste every part of the burger and it will be good. And you can’t say that about every burger out there.

The dine-in experience

Few fast food restaurants these days offer things like actual dishes and mugs. But when you dine at A&W, you get a cornucopia of tableware that’s neither cardboard nor plastic.

Depending on your location, you can get a small metal basket for your fries, a ceramic mug for your coffee or tea, and one of their iconic frosted glass mugs for your root beer.

And while scientists might disagree, this root beer just tastes that much better when served in a glass.

The mood

I think A&W has always done a great job curating a classy, ​​homey vibe, from their old commercials to the fact that they still serve bacon, eggs, and toast for breakfast there.

The warm orange color of their branding really makes me feel comforted and like I’ve been taken back to an old diner from years past.

I hope my love and appreciation for this fast food chain inspires you to give it a try!

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