ICYMI: Go behind the scenes with the best social media from the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

It was another dramatic Saudi Arabian Grand Prix weekend with frenetic on-track action and some post-race podium drama. So understandable if you’ve missed what social media has to offer. Here are some of the highlights…

No perez, no party

Sergio Perez proved quick on and off the track on Sunday, showing another turnaround to avoid Red Bull’s explosions as the team celebrated their one-two…


It was a podium, then not, then again. Either way, nothing could stop the celebrations at Aston Martin after Fernando Alonso’s great run to P3.

Russell ommmm point

George Russell clearly wanted to get his head on before the track action got underway this weekend. Do you know you can sit down when you meditate, George?

Label that

Carlos Sainz has a known relationship with Lando Norris, but what happened here to make his former teammate look unhappy? Lance Stroll definitely liked it…

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Hairo Dynamics

F1 drivers were greeted by a blustery paddock in Jeddah last weekend, prompting Yuki Tsunoda to take decisive action to keep his hair in check.

Drop the mic

Stroll was also on high alert as he humorously repelled a “very sneaky” attempt to eavesdrop on his conversation with Aston Martin team-mate Alonso. Hopefully that makes the cut next season Drive to survive

Watch out for the cap

A backward-looking cap club emerged among the drivers during Thursday’s press conferences, but Valtteri Bottas was a man with other ideas.

Ferrari’s art class

Sainz and Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc got artistic by painting each other for a Sky Sports F1 feature. Judging by Leclerc’s reaction to Sainz’s efforts, perhaps the Spaniard should stick with driving…

flagpole position

Reigning World Champion Max Verstappen proved that Formula 1 is a truly global sport and demonstrated an impressive knowledge of world geography. Teammate Sergio Perez probably would never have forgiven him if he didn’t hit Mexico right…

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