In Honor Of His Birthday, Chris Hemsworth Jokes About His Poor (DC) Superhero Choices As A Kid

When he’s not playing the muscular Norse god of thunder in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Chris Hemsworth occasionally makes a cheeky comment online. This time the joke was at his expense because he was celebrating his 39th birthday. While he’s been associated with Marvel for a decade, the Thor actor flirted with DC in his youth, so in honor of his birthday, Hemsworth joked about his bad superhero choices as a kid.

That Thor: Love and Thunder Star decided to celebrate his birthday by posting a throwback photo of himself on Instagram. A young Hemsworth wears a blue turtleneck with a white coat complete with the old school Batman logo. Of course, when he posted the photo, the MCU star knew it might make some Marvel fans laugh, so he beat them out in a race. Check out his adorable photo, complete with his cheeky thoughts on his younger self’s opinion:

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