iPad 2022: News, specs and how to pre-order Apple’s 10th gen iPad

Apple has introduced the 10th generation of the iPad and a brand new iPad Pro. Our guide has all the important information you need to know, as well as how and where to get Apple’s latest tablets.

When it comes to changes and updates, it’s a mixed bag. The new iPad Pro (4th generation) doesn’t have a new design, glass back or wireless charging. However, it packs the powerful M2 chip that provides a silky smooth user experience.

Pre-order the iPad (10th gen) from £499 on Amazon

Pre-order the iPad (10th gen) from Apple from £499

Pre-order the iPad Pro (4th gen) from £899 on Amazon

Pre-order the iPad Pro (4th generation) from Apple from £899

Meanwhile, the iPad (10th gen) comes in four colors and features a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display – similar to that of the 2022 iPad Air. They’re not exactly the same, however: the standard iPad isn’t complete laminated and has no anti-reflective coating.

Apple added a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera that’s – finally – geared toward landscape use. It makes a lot more sense for video calls and similar uses, and ultimately feels like a good addition. Oddly enough, this handy new camera setup only appears on the new 10th-gen iPad, not the 4th-gen iPad Pro. That seems like an odd decision.

In terms of design, the new iPad (10th generation) takes a real step forward and looks sleek and modern. Meanwhile, the Pro looks identical to its predecessor – albeit not bad at all. The standard iPad line certainly needed further modernization, and that’s what it’s got.

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More like that

The new 10th generation gets the A14 Bionic processor, Touch ID and a USBC connection. It is well-equipped and sure to impress users. However, as mentioned, it has some oddities. Another of these is the fact that the iPad 10 is only compatible with the first-generation Apple Pencil, not the newer accessory.

Read on for our guide to picking up one of Apple’s new iPads.

How much does the new iPad cost?

Here’s the kicker. The previous iPad generation cost UK buyers just £319, while the 10th generation device costs £499.

That’s a pretty big jump, but is it justified?

Notably, the prices of key accessories have also increased. The Magic Keyboard isn’t compatible with the new iPads, which means you’ll have to buy Apple’s new – and much more expensive – Magic Keyboard Folio. Cases and sleeves are also up and it seems Apple is raising prices across the board.

The iPad Pro (4th gen) is also more expensive than its predecessor at £899. The previous model cost £749.

iPad (10th generation) UK release date

The iPad (10th generation) and iPad Pro (4th generation) are available for pre-order now. They will be on general sale this Wednesday (October 26th).

This short pre-order window is typical of Apple products and gives you the chance to be among the first to get your hands on a 10th generation iPad.

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How to pre-order the new iPad

The latest iPads can now be pre-ordered from Apple and Amazon. Please see the links below for the latest information on pricing and availability.

Pre-order the iPad (10th gen) from £499 on Amazon

Pre-order the iPad (10th gen) from Apple from £499

Pre-order the iPad Pro (4th gen) from £899 on Amazon

Pre-order the iPad Pro (4th generation) from Apple from £899

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