Is 2023 the year GWM brings the Ora Sport to Australia? MG4, Tesla Model 3 electric car rival is ready to pounce – Car News

Having decided to launch the Ora Small EV in Australia, GWM now aims to expand that market further with the more powerful, larger and sportier model known as the Lightning Cat in some markets.

The vehicle that should get the Ora Sport badge when it comes to these shores is a longer, more evolved offering of the Ora hatchback and offers a choice of a single or twin electric motor layout.

In other markets, the single-engine version of the vehicle offers 150 kW of power, 340 Nm of torque and a staggering range of 555 km (NEDC) from a 63 kWh battery.

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Of potentially more interest here is the dual motor version, which uses an 85kWh battery and claims to produce 300kW, 680Nm and can travel up to 705km on a single charge.

On this basis, the vehicle would be something of a small-car performance hero, with a claimed 0-100 km/h time of 4.3 seconds, and would help solidify GWM’s new corporate vision of being a major player in the alternative energy space .

GWM has said that if the car were to make it here, both single- and twin-engine variants would be offered.

The Ora Sport’s vaguely retro looks would also be a selling point, and while there’s a bit of Bentley around the taillights, there’s some VW Beetle (or Mini, the jury is out) up front and some three-quarter-scale Porsche Panamera in the Side view, the vehicle is absolutely interesting to look at.

It might also be well equipped with a full panoramic sunroof, heat pump air conditioning and – in the example CarsGuide shown – an 11-speaker Harmon Kardon stereo.

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Inside is a full panoramic sunroof and an 11-speaker Harmon Kardon stereo system. Inside is a full panoramic sunroof and an 11-speaker Harmon Kardon stereo system.

GWM is usually tight-lipped about the car’s chances of making it showrooms here, but spokesman Steve Maciver openly admitted that the Australian GWM network was keen on making it a reality.

“We wouldn’t bring them (review cars) here and let you drive them unless we meant business,” he told us.

The Ora Sport takes on style elements from Bentley and Porsche. The Ora Sport takes on style elements from Bentley and Porsche.

On pricing, Mr Maciver was equally coy, but admitted that based on the numbers used to define the business case for the Ora Sport, it “has the potential to be a performance bargain”.

If the car got the green light for Australia, the smart money suggests it would be in showrooms before the end of the year.

GWM seems confident that the Australian federal government will implement strategies that will support consumer acceptance of electric vehicles, but has also said that it plans to offer up to 50 new non-ICE models worldwide by 2025.

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