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It was recently announced that the He Gets Us campaign has purchased two Super Bowl ads for the upcoming Super Bowl LVII. Super Bowl LVII airs February 12 on Fox. According to campaign members, the Super Bow will now feature commercials from the “He Gets Us” campaign. [i] [ii]

State Farm Stadium Super Bowl LVII.Photo ofGage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

What are the new religious ads being shown during Super Bowl LVII?

The President released a statement on the ads, which revealed:

When you think about being in front of 115 million people — it’s like you’re here tonight, we’re talking about the Super Bowl — and all of our listeners are so excited to know that Jesus is going to be in the Super Bowl, it generates so much energy. [ii]

Jason Vanderground further said:

The Super Bowl is literally a kickoff thing for people. It’s not like you get to the finish line and you’re like, “We’re in the Super Bowl, that’s it, great, let’s pack up and go home.” It’s the start of something, and we want people to know that . [iii]

What is the purpose of the He Gets Us organization?

The organization describes its mission as a “campaign to re-introduce people to the Jesus of the Bible and His bewildering love and forgiveness.” Her current campaign has reached over 100 million people so far. The group also wants to help “correct misconceptions about Jesus Christ.” A campaign spokesperson, Chris Broussard, also a Fox commentator, explained:

Too often people associate Christianity, if not Jesus, with racism, with elitism, with right-wing politics, with suburbia – and frankly, to some extent with whiteness. I hope that He Gets Us can show people what the real Jesus of the Bible was like – that he was a man of the people… that he had compassion, that he had relationships with the poor and the downtrodden and with the rich and the rich and the prosperous …He didn’t just come for one race. He didn’t just come for one class of people. He came for everyone. [iv]

Though exact numbers aren’t available, current best guest pics estimate that a 30-second Super Bowl commercial cost about $6.5 million this year. [v]


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