‘Jacobson & Yeni: T20 That Became A Test Match’- Bloomberg

In a saga that captured the public’s imagination and risked dragging on forever, Muzi Yeni and Billy Jacobson had their provisional suspensions lifted.

They are returning to their profession after the National Horseracing Authority announced Thursday afternoon that an investigation into incidents at Hollywoodbets Greyville on Monday February 13 had been closed.

The details of the settlement agreement, negotiated over a few days and involving the legal departments of the respective drivers, were outlined in a media release issued by the NHA on Thursday, March 23.

While Jacobson’s attorney Robert Bloomberg said so Sporting contribution Whilst he was glad his client was able to return to normal life as the stress on him had been immeasurable, the experienced lawyer said there were many aspects of the matter that deserved public disclosure.

Bloomberg said that, unfortunately and regrettably, there had continued to be insincerity on social media, highlighted by a distortion of the true facts that required him to set the record straight on behalf of his client.

“We would have liked to have avoided that, but a one-eyed and short-sighted portrayal does Billy Jacobson a grave injustice. Mr Jacobson was initially presented with 6 charges, 1 of which was withdrawn related to social media. He pleaded “guilty” to the charge under Rule 72.1.25 for “misconducting himself on the grounds of the racecourse by engaging in a verbal and physical altercation with Mr Yeni” – but on the express condition that the other 4 charges were put in the alternative. In other words, they would fall away,” he added.

Robert Bloomberg – sets records straight

Bloomberg took pains to emphasize that they had proved conclusively that the charges’ record was double since they were mirror images of the main charge, particularly in relation to rule 72.1.26, the “infamous” rule, as he puts it in connection with the discrediting horse racing, and he says two charges were actually placed under the false rule reserved for licensed officials in the administration of races.

“These charges were drafted by the NHA, represented by its Racing Control Executive, Arnold Hyde,” says Bloomberg, who goes on to explain that Jacobson never denied his involvement in these unfortunate incidents, but always steadfastly maintained that he was severely provoked .

NHA Racing Control Executive Arnold Hyde

“The first time provocation occurred when he was effectively mocked and humiliated in front of his peers, peers and the stalks, and then – and what led to the brawl – by his wife and family being threatened. This was testified by Keagan de Melo, who was called as a witness by the NHA for having reported the latter incident to the Stipes that day, but defamatoryly testified by Yeni in his affidavit accompanying the notification of the application in her Application in the High Court accused of being ‘coached’ before testifying,” he added somberly.

Bloomberg stated that had this matter gone ahead, de Melos’ evidence would have been bolstered by four witnesses in jockeys Sean Veale, Tristan Godden, Serino Moodley and Ahandiwe Mgudlwa.

“It is worth noting that Mr. Yeni could not produce a single witness among the 15 horsemen that day to corroborate his version of events. Are you wondering why a person who, in 26 years as a driver and never had a charge of aggression towards a passenger during or after a race, is suddenly acting with such anger for no good reason? And remember that the letter to the NHA from the Coastal Jockeys Association, which represents almost 80% of the jockeys in SA, which ultimately led to the provisional suspensions, was entirely due to their concerns about the perceived history and behavior of their own member, Mr. Yeni, not about Mr. Jacobson!”

Lord Rose wins in Greyville on 06/14/03

Billy Jacobson – happy it’s over and he can get on with his life (Image – Candies Lenferna)

Bloomberg goes on to stress that Billy Jacobson was contrite from the start and apologized for his role in the fracas and duly pleaded “guilty” to a lone infraction as noted above at the very first hearing.

“Mr Yeni, who in my professional opinion had no chance of ever ‘escape’ the main charge, pleaded ‘not guilty’ to all charges other than having a mobile device in the jockey’s quarters. There has never been an admission of wrongdoing or accountability on his part and he has consistently taken an attitude of innocent ‘victim’ here.”

Muzi Yeni – back in the saddle (Image – Candies Lenferna)

The right-wing Eagle adds that while his intention and goal was to settle matters from the start, his client became collateral damage in the battle between the NHA and Yeni.

“Fortunately, common sense eventually prevailed with a negotiated settlement agreement over a few days involving the respective legal teams. Ultimately, it was only through the extreme generosity of the benefactors that Mr Jacobson was legally represented and his rights protected,” he concluded.

While the trial involved a single day of investigation at NHA solicitors’ offices and an urgent application by Yeni in the High Court from start to finish, the gross legal costs of all parties over a six-week battle are expected to exceed the seven figure mark.

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