Jon Jones vs Ciryl Gane – UFC 285 LIVE RESULTS: Latest updates as Bones returns in HUGE heavyweight title clash

Radzhabov vs. Ribovics – round three

They touch gloves and start trading crazy leather.

Drilled by a huge right hand, Ribovics is seemingly stunned.

Radzhabov follows up with a good left hook that sends Ribovics to the edge of the cage.

Flying knee lands for Radzhabov but Ribovics somehow manages to stay put.

Takedown for Radzhabov who wants to improve his position.

Radzhabov gets caught by a kimura but is able to spin from the bad position.

Ribovics maintains dominance until Radzhabov explodes out of position and bounces back to his feet.

But they aren’t on their feet for long as Radzhabov fires for another takedown.

Ribovics bounces back but is momentarily grounded by another thunderous takedown.

They trade midway and Radzhabov is dropped.

He returns to his feet in a daze and eats up a few more shots before frantically firing for a takedown.

The round ends with both men at the fence.

Difficult to score but I nod to Ribovics.

Radzhabov vs. Ribovics – round two

Radzhabov starts the round strong with another big takedown and lands in side control.

Ribovics manages to get back on her feet and hit her back.

Ribovics really feels every punch, so much so that he seems hesitant to act.

Another takedown for Radzhabov, but he can’t do anything with it.

These guys trade heavy leather in the middle of the cage, with Radzhabov landing the harder of the punches.

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Radzhabov’s takedown attempt is blocked.

Ribovic rocks Radzhabov with a series of punches after nasty body shots, dropping his man.

But he let him go and doesn’t go into the killing. The horn goes.

This round certainly belongs to Ribovic.

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Radzhabov vs. Ribovics – round one

Radzhabov has found a home for his right hand on several occasions, snapping the head back from Ribovic’s early doors.

Ribovics manages to ground the fight but they eventually bounce back.

Radzhabov switches himself and shoots against the fence for a takedown – and he gets it.

Radzhabov takes the back and looks for a choke. Ribovics shoots from the bad position, but is now behind.

Ribovics manages to get back on his feet but is knocked down again.

They are climbing and are now standing at the fence. you break.

Radzhabov finds another home for his right hand. He ends the round with a strong left hook.

first fight

Here at the T-Mobile Arena, the process is about to begin.

The start is a light showdown between Loik Radzhabov and Esteban Ribovics.

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what they said

Jon Jones and Ciryl Gane both made their final pre-fight statements following Saturday morning’s ceremonial weigh-in.

Gane said, “This fight looks like a big bonus for me and I’m so happy for this opportunity.

“If I win tomorrow, I’ll get the belt, worst guy on this planet. And because of his career he’s a GOAT, that’s a second bonus for me.”

Jones said: “I’m just grateful. I love you so much, thank you for being here.

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“I have been blessed with a tremendous gift. And it’s an honor to show it off in front of you all.

“So tomorrow night, ‘And Still’ I’ll say.”

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Big bones

Jones used his three-year hiatus from the Octagon to build a frame worthy of mixing with the UFC’s big boys.

And on weigh-in day, he weighed in a whopping 20 kg (44 lbs) heavier than in his last light heavyweight fight.

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