Juan Toscano-Anderson may be Lakers’ best-kept secret

One bonus the Lakers get from Toscano-Anderson is his ability to move the ball with purpose.

His raw assist numbers don’t seem the least bit impressive, but his more advanced stats in that area tell a different story.

About Silver Screen and Roll:

“According to Cleaning the Glass, Toscano-Anderson not only has a career-best assist percentage of 17.4%, but also ranks at 96 assists given how much they have the ball).

“To further illustrate how much passing Toscano-Anderson actually makes per ball possession, Toscano-Anderson had the eighth highest assisting percentage among players who had a usage rate below 15% last season and also played in at least 60 games across the league. That is, when he touched the ball, he rarely got stuck.

“…Whether it was hitting a teammate at the dunker spot, swinging him on the edge, or spraying him out of a driveway into a corner, Toscano-Anderson often excels at getting the right read at the right time.” power.

“…According to league tracking data, Toscano-Anderson recorded a 28.6% assist percentage from post-up opportunities last season — the highest mark for his team.

“… Ultimately, what makes Toscano-Anderson such an intriguing and adaptable passer is his ability to capitalize on mistakes.

“Whether it’s a defender who’s a step too far from his man, has his head turned the wrong way, or is just ready to make a good shot for a great one, there’s a calculated deception in his game, worth cherishing.

“That’s what both the eye test and a large body of passing data (as seen in his BBall Index playmaker metrics below) can agree on. One slip and there’s basically blood in the water.”

In recent years, even as they won the 2020 NBA championship, the Lakers’ offense on half court too often resulted in LeBron James batting the ball while remaining nearly stationary near the 3-point line and the shot clock milked.

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They need a solid attack defined by ball and player movement and Toscano-Anderson can deliver that when he’s on the pitch.

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