Kate Middleton exudes confidence, appears self-assured during latest outing

A royal expert has praised Kate Middleton for her strategic approach to realizing her vision for the Early Childhood Initiative.

Darren Stanton said Prince William’s wife exudes confidence and appears quite confident in her royal duties.

The royal expert gushed about the Princess of Wales’ dynamic personality, saying: “Right off the bat we see a very confident Kate, dressed powerfully in a tailored white jacket as she arrived for her business appointment.”

He added, “Kate is careful about the colors she wears and chooses them to match the tone of the event she’s attending.”

“She usually wears white when attending a formal church service, say, a charity event or a hospital event, and this event was no exception. Cautious and aware of being the center of attention, Kate wears strategically muted colors when she wants to blend in with her peers and be seen as an equal.”

Stanton continued, “As Kate walks in and joins the meeting, we see her clearly making a joke at one point. You’ll notice that Kate matches some of the other contestants in it, reflecting that she and another lady, Amanda Blanc, were both pictured with their heads tilted to one side. From the look on Amanda’s face, it’s clear she took the lead from Kate.”

“Generally, when someone cocks their head at the wrong angle in this context, it shows that they’ve been a little mischievous or naughty. It suggests that Kate isn’t afraid to be playful in the company of others and cause laughter from those she meets. She’s not afraid to push the boundaries,” added the royal expert.

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Kate Middleton sends a message to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as she appeared in business mode with a “power play” to prove the royal family “matters” during her meetings with business tycoons.

Royal writer Daniela Esler called the meeting a “powerhouse” moment for the princess, which sent a clear message to all royals who thought the “firm” was on the wane.

Esler wrote, “Kate proves to be a stealthy powerhouse of action and machine-washable lightweight wool that eagerly redefines what a working member of the monarchy can actually achieve.”

“And if there’s one person who should be looking at these pictures of Kate with this group of business bigwigs who preside over global shampoo and allen wrench empires, it’s her brother-in-law, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex. ‘ added the expert.


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