Keke Palmer Is As Fascinated With Twilight’s Taylor Lautner Revealing His Future Wife Taylor’s Name Change As The Rest Of Us

Keke Palmer has never been one to hide her joy at things that are important to her as hustlers Co-star Jennifer Lopez marries Ben Affleck. But that might not be much compared to finding out that a well-known actor is going to marry someone with the same first name. Well, Palmer has expressed her fascination with the new name that Taylor Lautner’s fiancee will have once they are married.

On November 13, 2021, Taylor Lautner became engaged to his girlfriend, California-based nurse Taylor Dome, whom he has publicly dated since 2018. (“11/11” really is the perfect date to make your wishes come true!) As you can see, Lautner and his fiancé both share the same first name. But Keke Palmer couldn’t help but “obsess” over an article (which she shared). Twitter) on how Dome plans to take Lautner’s last name – making them both Taylor Lautner:

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