Kingston Police offer tips on how to stay safe when working from home

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The pandemic has changed the way many people work. Hybrid and working from home situations are more common today, and Kingston Police are reminding the public to be aware of how cybercriminals can take advantage of people working from home.

“Although your home appears safe from cyberattacks, it’s important to remain cautious while working from home,” Kingston Police said in a media release. “It might be easy to curl up at home and forget about security precautions, but cybercriminals can use this opportunity to target you, your colleagues, and your business. It’s up to you to prevent cybercrime in your organization, even if you work from home.”

Police have provided the following tips to help maintain a safe work environment at home:

Protect confidential information even when you’re out of the office.

  • Organize your workspace. When your workspace is organized, you’re less likely to misplace important documents, and you have a place to put those documents when you’re not using them.
  • Follow your organization’s guidelines for taking screenshots or images of sensitive information. Redact any personally identifiable information (PII) or other sensitive information.
  • Be careful when posting company information on social media platforms like LinkedIn. Even if the information seems harmless, it’s better to check your organization’s policies before publishing it.

Protect your devices with strong passwords.

  • Set up passwords or passcodes to protect your devices. If you don’t use passwords, cybercriminals can easily gain access to your devices if you lose them.
  • Do not use identical or similar passwords for multiple accounts. If you’re having trouble remembering your passwords, use a password manager to create and manage the passwords for your accounts.
  • Change the password for your wireless router. Most routers come with default passwords that are easy to guess.
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Use appropriate equipment.

  • Follow the organization’s guidelines when using work equipment at home. It is important that you use the equipment provided by your organization as it may contain important security measures to prevent cyber attacks.
  • If you are allowed to use personal devices for work, create a separate user profile for work. It is best to separate your personal and work profile.
  • Do not download unnecessary applications or software onto your organization’s devices. If you have questions about approved applications or software, review your organization’s policies or contact your IT department.

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