Kliff Kingsbury’s Gorgeous Girlfriend Veronica Bielik’s Latest Racy Beach Photos are Setting the Internet Ablaze

Kliff Kingsbury, the Super Bowl XXXVIII champion who went on to make his mark in the football coaching arena, has been on a lean streak of late. Despite signing a six-year extension with the Cardinals through 2027 last year, he was fired from the franchise’s head coaching position in January of this year after a disastrous season.

Since joining the Cardinals in 2019, Kliff’s last year has been his worst with just 4 wins and 13 massive losses. After it was revealed the Cardinals were moving away from him, Kliff apparently made a one-way trip to Thailand to spend some time in consolation.

According to reports, Kliff was accompanied on the trip by a Polish model named Veronica Bielik. As soon as this rumor spread, the Instagram sensation went viral and months later the trend has not abated.

Veronika Beilik breaks into the internet with the latest Instagram post

There is little to no information as to how and when Kliff and Veronica first met. However, the two stars have reportedly been dating since 2021. The Polish model, who has a master’s degree in law, is a renowned social media influencer. With over 3.6 million followers on Instagram, Veronica is known as a fitness enthusiast.

From time to time, Bielik shows off her chiseled abs on her social media accounts, which often causes the internet to break. A few days ago the gorgeous model uploaded some photos in a bikini with some of her friends and Instagram went crazy as expected.

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Apparently, Veronica’s post was a tribute to her amazing friend Kasia Motloch on her birthday. “You are sunshine to everyone around you. It’s a privilege to call you my friend‘ Veronica captioned the post. “Happy birthday to the girl who has the kindest and softest heart,‘ Bielik added. Kasia is also a social media influencer with well over half a million followers.

What’s next for Kliff Kingsbury?

While Kliff’s personal life seems to be running smoothly, his coaching career has certainly taken a massive hit of late. The former quarterback, who began his playing career in the NFL in 2003, later coached several collegiate teams. However, his big break at the highest level came in 2019 when the Cardinals offered him the head coaching position.

However, he started pretty poorly and led his team to only 5 wins in the entire season. While his team improved to 8-8 in 2020, they again failed to make the playoffs. Finally, in 2021, Kingsbury led his team to the playoffs with an 11-6 record. On his playoff debut against the Rams, however, Kliff’s strategies failed when the Cardinals returned home from a 34-11 loss.

Under Kliff, the Cardinals continued to improve until the year 2022 arrived, where they were reduced to 4-13. As a result, the Cardinals fired him and passed his position to Jonathan Gannon. It will be interesting to see where Kingsbury ultimately ends up in the near future.


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