Know how to channel your energy to stay positive and happy

Dealing with stagnant emotions and energies is important. An expert tells you how to direct your energy in the right direction.

We are all bundles of energy. Every process in us works on the basis of energy. Emotions are also a form of energy. It stands for power in motion. This means that it cannot be contained or bottled. energy must flow. Problems arise when emotions are suppressed, bottled and contained. Energy cannot be destroyed, but it can be transformed and channeled. But you need to know how to channel your energy and where to go.

Many people channel anger, sadness, jealousy, and resentment into binge behaviors such as binge shopping, eating, drinking, socializing, smoking, and pornography and still feel miserable. Some people channel the same emotions to build themselves up by pursuing hobbies that help them express themselves, such as singing, drawing, painting, constructing, art, etc., nurturing their spirit, looking within, writing, or finding a trusted one Tell people or just spend time in nature and feel better.

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Why is it important to channel energy properly?

Each cell has its own vibration. Healthy cells vibrate at a higher frequency than a diseased or unhealthy cell. When negative emotions are bottled and suppressed for long periods of time, they can change the frequency and vibration of healthy cells, turning them into a vibration similar to that of an unhealthy cell, affecting our health at the cellular level.

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Channel your inner energy to stay positive and happy. Image courtesy Adobe Stock

Today, even medical science links deep and chronic emotions like guilt, hate, resentment, and forgiveness to diseases as serious as cancer. In fact, forgiveness is classified as a disease in medical books, and forgiveness therapy is now used to treat diseases such as cancer.

The moment you try to overcome guilt, hate and resentment, your health improves as well. But of course, cancer is multifactorial. No reason can cause your cells to grow abnormally, but emotions play a big part in your cancer treatment.

How can your emotions cause illness?

One study found positive and statistically significant associations between resentment and a history of heart attack and illness, high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, arthritis, back problems, headaches, and chronic pain.

Research shows that people with chronic anger are more likely to suffer from colds, flu, asthma, flare-ups and arthritis than people who are not chronically angry.

Researchers from the University of Rochester and Harvard School of Public Health found that people who suppress their anger have a 70 percent higher risk of dying from cancer.

Tips to detox your emotions and clear your mind

1. A good cry

Crying doesn’t make you a crybaby and it’s not a sign of weakness. Crying is a way of releasing suppressed emotions, and a good cry is cleansing. Let it out if you feel like it. The idea is to express rather than suppress.


Yoga works with the concept of energy. It helps channel the life force, also known as prana, and releases stagnant energy from our system. Specific breathing exercises, asanas, and meditation can help purify negative energy and cultivate more positive energy. Many people also burst into tears when they sit down to meditate because the practice helps bring out all those pent-up emotions.

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Do yoga to stay positive and happy. Courtesy of Freepik

3. Gratitude

Gratitude is the highest form of vibration. It is one of the most powerful ways to turn negative energy into positive energy. Some people tend to complain about trivial things that are mostly out of their control, like traffic, roads, weather, pollution, and so on. Her constant whining and whining can feel draining on her and those around her. So I ask them to do a simple practice of being thankful for what they have. It is impressive to notice the change it creates in her energy and aura.

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4. Prayers

Prayer is a humble, simple yet powerful way to channel energies. When you pray, you direct your thoughts to a force or power above you. Some call it God. Some call it the universe. I also like to talk to God, especially when I can’t meditate or think about something I need to process. Prayer shifts your fears and insecurities into faith and a feeling of being protected and guided. And this can bring immense peace and strength to the heart.

5. Writing

Writing down your thoughts on paper can help you cleanse what you have held inside you. It is also a form of expression. Poets express emotions through poems, writers through lyrics, and authors through books. Why do some scripts feel so heartbreaking? Because it carries the pain, the person writing it must have been through. You don’t have to be a skilled writer to express yourself. It even helps to write down your thoughts and feelings.

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The last word

If none of this helps direct your energy in a positive direction, seek the support of a therapist or professional counselor. Working with emotional counselors can help you process and release the emotional baggage from your body and mind. Do whatever it takes because your healing, prevention, and recovery depend on it.

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