Latest Dodge Last Car Teaser Reveals 7.1 Pounds, Says “Density Matters”

Is the powerful Last Call Challenger a bit heavier or is it related to boost pressure?

It’s Wednesday afternoon, which means we’ve got another clue regarding the latest Last Call Dodge Challenger. It’ll all be revealed in a couple of weeks, but right now we’re wondering how the heck a 7.1-pound demonic goblin fits into all of this.

That’s the gist of Dodge’s latest teaser video. It’s titled Density is important, and in short, it features the big creepy leprechaun created in the previous Last Call teaser stepping on a scale. The scrawny, creepy goblin is beside him, and when all is said and done, big scary is 7.1 kg heavier. Could this simply mean that this special edition muscle car – said to have over 900 horsepower – weighs just 7.1 pounds more than the Dodge Challenger Demon?

If we take that at face value, that’s a perfectly valid explanation. Adding horsepower with only a minimal increase in weight is an accomplishment, but with the word density in the title of the teaser lets us think on a larger scale. By definition, density is the measure of mass in a unit volume. In car-friendly terms, it’s how much stuff you can cram into a given space. And to get great horsepower, it’s all about cramming as much air and fuel into an engine as possible.

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With that in mind, could 7.1 pounds raise the reference pressure? Certainly it wouldn’t be the overall performance as the standard 6.2 liter Hellcat engines are already way above that and the Redeye models are even taller. Since the teaser shows a comparison of creepy guys on a scale, it might mean 7.1 more Pound Boost over a Hellcat? That would suggest a supercharger would crank 20-25 pounds of boost, which would certainly increase horsepower.

Here’s another possibility, although it might be a stretch. Dodge offers the Hellephant 426 cubic inch V8 as a box engine with 7.0 liter displacement. Beefed up just a bit, that could be a 7.1 liter Hemi. Some commenters on Dodge’s social media channels are propagating that theory, but it feels like a big stretch for a limited-production model to fit an entirely different engine that already outperforms the rumored 909-plus horsepower ( and possibly no emissions met).

So far, the teasers have shown us a red-eyed demonic face that transforms into a monster goblin thanks to a golden IV liquid, and it’s 7.1 pounds more… something. Could it be a Challenger SRT Demon Redeye tuned for E85 and running over 20 pounds of boost?

We’ll find out on March 20th when the covers finally open on the most powerful production car ever offered by Dodge.


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