Latest Dominion Doc Dump Shows Big Mens Rea Energy At Fox


In a way, Dominion Voting Systems’ defamation lawsuit against Fox News was always ridiculous. The voting machine company was acquired by State Street Capital in 2018 for less than $100 million — it can’t possibly have suffered $1.6 billion in damages, the lawsuit filed in 2021 in the Delaware Supreme Court alleges.

At the same time, the downside for Fox seems almost limitless. Even if the network wins in front of a jury, it will have suffered incalculable damage to its reputation as its embarrassing internal communications splash on every front page in America. And this is Before We even get to the six-week, live-streamed jury trial that will see every big star and executive at Fox, right down to Rupert Murdoch, forced to sit for a humiliating testimony.

As ATL columnist Mark Herrmann noted earlier this week, there is no logical reason for this case to go to court.

And yet … here we are. Thousands of jurors to be summoned for April 17 hearing; the parties have already spent tens of millions of dollars in legal fees; and Fox has been making discoveries for a year, which Dominion are handing out in delicious, spicy morsels. Aside from whether Dominion can prove its case in front of a jury, it has already proved to the public that Fox is not a true “news” agency and has never functioned as such, with Exhibit A being Fox’s massive freakout over the real call of the Network’s Arizona for Biden, who royally angered viewers used to a digital safe space, shielded from uncomfortable truths by a cocoon of righteous outrage. Even allegedly “straight” news anchors Brett Baier and John Roberts urged the network to pull the call to appease the angry crowd.

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Last night Dominion added to the pain for Fox with another document dump.

Among other hilarious revelations, Tucker Carlson, who spent this week proving the Capitol Riot defendants were just peaceful tourists, confessed to hating Trump “passionately,” adding, “He’s good at destroying things.” In this he is the undisputed world champion. He could easily destroy us if we play wrong.”

Rupert Murdoch similarly admitted that the network held off on reporting Biden’s Electoral College victory until other outlets called it because “they’d rather not have Trump as an enemy” and “Being runner-up saves us a Trump explosion!” “

In fact, Murdoch was constantly emailing, including to Jared Kushner, and apparently documenting every thought and sharing it with his consiglieris, a habit that made it harder for him to testify that he had done it always electoral fraud is believed, lies are flogged on its airwaves.

And the group’s lyrics Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham remain a source of high comedy, with the trio bitterly complaining that the news site is annoying audiences with accurate reports that undermine primetime anchors’ wildly inaccurate claims of voter fraud.

“We all work for an organization that hates us,” Ingraham whined on Nov. 16, “The people of news.”

“We dedicate our lives to building an audience, and they fucking let Chris Wallace and Leland screw it up,” Carlson snorted.

“I think the three of us have tremendous power,” Ingraham continued, no doubt to the great delight of the attorneys tasked with proving how damaging the massive trio’s misrepresentations were to the plaintiff. “We have more power than we know or exercise.”

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“We should all think about how we can force change together,” she continued, suggesting that their combined clout could be used to force those annoying jerks on the news site to stop proposing viewers with so much to bang one’s head breaking news.

This appeared to be a follow-up to an earlier conversation on November 13, when she proposed a “prime-time strike” over “fraud in incitement”. Ingraham, who worked for Judge Clarence Thomas and actually practiced law in Skadden, Arps, proposed a theory of “fraud in inducement” because “when we signed it, they sold the network as a conservative alternative… It is that now.” Opposite, and it is that hurts all of our individual brands.”

Meanwhile, it was beginning to dawn on management that there might be a price for trying to stop Newsmax by venting Trump’s big lie.

“FOX is reviewing a potential lawsuit with Smartmatic. (in connection with Dominion voting),” wrote executive director Mary Schlageter on Dec. 11. “We have to look at all the times that Rudy Giuliani, Sydney Powell, Alan Dershowitz and Rona McDaniel came onto FNC/FBN and addressed the issues raised about the Dominion voting and Smartmatic machines.”

“The potential lawsuit alleges that we have not challenged the narrative propagated by Giuliani, Powell and others that the Dominion voting machines/Smartmatic were responsible for switching votes and/or producing inaccurate results,” she continued. “Sometimes we didn’t do that. But we’re looking for the times we’ve challenged that narrative.

Schlageter concluded by admitting that her team shouldn’t waste time looking for countermeasures against the bogus election claims on “shows like Dobbs, Hannity, etc.” but should instead focus on “straight forward newscasts”.

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Well it isn’t Great. Luckily there are probably only ten thousand more pages left where that came from.

Liz Dye lives in Baltimore, where she writes about law and politics


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