Latest e-scooter technology and safety tips

Nottingham’s fleet of e-scooters will be used to test technology that will automatically slow or stop the vehicle when driven on pavements or recklessly.

Superpedestrian is the company behind LINK e-scooters across the city. The company is aiming to launch LINK e-scooters, equipped with its new Pedestrian Defense security system, in 25 cities across Europe and the US after winning its largest-ever funding round of £93m ($125m). US dollars) secured.

The pedestrian protection system uses AI (artificial intelligence) based software to collect data from multiple sensors built into the scooter. The sensors then send information to the scooter’s onboard vehicle intelligence system to help the rider take action in real time. It recognizes unsafe driving behavior, e.g. B. Riding on sidewalks, stunt riding and dodging through traffic, and will slow down or stop the scooter automatically.

The e-scooter trial started in autumn 2020 and will last until May 2024. Nottingham is one of many cities testing e-scooters and lessons learned from the city are being used to plan the smooth integration of e-scooters into cities across the UK when they become legal in the future.

Here are some safety tips when driving:

1 – Drive on the road

E-scooters may not be used on the sidewalk as they are street vehicles. This is for pedestrian safety. If possible, use the e-scooters on bike lanes, if there are none, you have to ride on the road. To discourage users from breaking the rules, a three strike system was put in place to stop repeat offenders. The first strike is a warning, the second a week’s ban, three strikes – you’re out! The user is permanently banned from using Nottingham’s electric scooters.

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2 – Park safely

The e-scooters should be parked within the sprayed parking spaces marked on the ground in the parking zones or in the parking shelves. If there is no bay, make sure the scooter isn’t blocking the path to allow people with visual impairments, wheelchairs, and strollers to pass safely. A fine of £10 has been introduced for users who park incorrectly or outside of parking zones.

3- Wear a helmet

It is recommended to wear helmets when riding the e-scooters to ensure the safety of users, especially since they must be used on the road (or bike lane). They protect users from serious head injuries, they could save your life!

4 – Use the bells and lights

Make sure lights are working and bells are used to alert other road users to your presence on a scooter. Wearing light clothing or reflective clothing, similar to riding a bike, can help you stand out.

5 – Check e-scooter for wear

Although the e-scooters are regularly inspected by the Superpedestrian team, it’s a good idea to get used to your own controls. Before setting off, check that the brakes, accelerator pedal, lights and tires are working and that the handlebars are correctly aligned. If there are any issues, report it through the app and the Superpedestrian team will be notified to get it fixed.

For more security tips, visit our blog here. You can also read more about our e-scooters here.


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