Latest Karlsson & Kane Trade Talk, Penguins Injury Updates

The big wheels of the NHL trade deadline are ready to turn and the merry-go-round music begins to play. The Jakob Chychrun deal is imminent. The Edmonton Oilers are chasing Erik Karlsson. Old pal Mark Lazerus reports that four teams are knocking on Chicago’s door for Patrick Kane. And Dave Molinari has the latest on the Pittsburgh Penguins from somewhere in California.

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Pittsburgh penguins:

From El Segundo (where the Penguins trained on Monday) – Tristan Jarry is a maybe, but Mark Friedman is injured. Here’s the latest from the practice of penguins.

If you’re so inclined, Alby Oxenreiter and I went head-to-head on Final Word. We had a good 10 minutes to talk about penguin toughness, trade goals and priorities. Try it out – WPXI Final Word.

Yes, I had a temporary freakout when I found out I was the only panelist. In a radio studio, that’s MY territory. I could roll out of bed and last four hours. But television is not yet my wheelhouse. If you watched the first segment, you could see my eyes darting around the studio looking for my camera and clues. Alby is such a consistent pro. He knew when to pick me up and when to let me go.

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NHL Trade Talk, Playoff Races and National Hockey Now

First, the NHL is trading “rumors,” but Jakob Chychrun’s stuff is still standing at the goal line without lighting the lamp. I’ve seen a few deals busted here. Let’s see…

OilersNation: Erik Karlsson on the Oilers is the hot new NHL trade rumor. Several sockets have different detection angles. Four more years capped at $11.5 million is a hefty salary. The Oilers are definitely trying. Here’s the latest.

San Jose Hockey Now: Karlsson hears the rumors and it’s not always easy to place them. San Jose Sharks locker room.

The Athletic $: Our pal Mark Lazerus reports that four teams are interested in Patrick Kane, including the Carolina Hurricanes. The NHL trade chatter surrounding Kane.

Penguins Playoff Race:

Florida Hockey Now: The Panthers picked up an extra point and are now chasing the Penguins and Capitals. They’re just two points behind Washington with a game in hand. The Florida Panthers beat Minnesota.

Florida is the only wildcard contender with at least six wins in their last 10 games.

Washington Hockey Now: The inconsistent Capitals beat the Bruins but then opened up against the Sharks. What did this loss tell us about the Washington Capitals’ trading schedules?

NYI Hockey Now: Coach Lane Lambert Opened Up About His Grill Practice He put the guys through intense and physical training because they weren’t very intense or physical over the weekend. There is a sense of urgency among the New York Islanders. The Buffalo Sabers suffered a similar fate to the Penguins when they took on the LA Kings on Tuesday. LA took a 4-0 lead after two periods, and Buffalo stayed five behind the Penguins.

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Philly Hockey Now: Three roster changes, including recall of Keifer Bellows, for the Philadelphia Flyers.


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