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Super Bowl 57 is here and the Philadelphia Eagles battle the Kansas City Chiefs in an exciting finale of the NFL season.

Patrick Mahomes ousted Jalen Hurts for this season’s MVP honor, but no quarterback has doubled sport’s most prestigious individual honor with the Lombardi Trophy since Kurt Warner in 1999.

The key fight in this game will likely revolve around Mahomes, Travis Kelce and pressure from the Eagles defense.

Should Mahomes prevail, it will be a second ring in five years on this impressive run under Andy Reid, although Nick Sirianni is hoping to complete a remarkable two-year transformation for the Eagles.

Follow the live build-up of the game at State Farm Stadium tonight:

Super Bowl 57 – Philadelphia Eagles vs. Kansas City Chiefs

  • Super Bowl 57 begins at 23:30 GMT at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona

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  • Who will win Super Bowl 57? | You ask the questions

  • Patrick Mahomes and the key fight that will decide Super Bowl 2023

Eagles vs. Chiefs: Key post-Super Bowl free agents

15:15 , Jack Ratborn

Bosses: LT Orlando Brown, WR JuJu Smith-Schuster, RT Andrew Wylie, S Juan Thornhill, RB Jerick McKinnon, WR Mecole Hardman, WR Justin Watson, DE Carlos Dunlap, QB Chad Henne.

Eagles: DT Javon Hargrave, DT Fletcher Cox, RB Miles Sanders, DB Chauncey Gardner Johnson, CB James Bradberry, LB Kyzir White, G Isaac Seumalo, S Marcus Epps, DE Robert Quinn, QB Gardner Minshew, OT Andre Dillard, DT Ndamukong Suh .

    (Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved)

(Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved)

Philadelphia quarterback Jalen Hurts believes team spirit makes the Eagles fly

15:00 , Jack Ratborn

Jalen Hurts says: “I think the most important thing is to invest in your teammates and coaches.

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“It’s important to get out there and build relationships with the people around you, the people you’re going to play with, so everyone can play that much harder for each other.

“I feel like if you have a relationship with someone you know personally, they will play harder for you on the field.

“I think that’s why we’ve come this far because we’ve really bonded throughout the year. We were on the same page.

“We fought hard for each other. You can see that passion on the field, you can see that passion in the stands and in the city of Philly. It all belongs together.”



Super Bowl 2023 Odds

14:45 , Jack Ratborn

There are different markets for today’s game but here are some of the biggest, all odds over bet fair.

Winner of the Super Bowl 2023

  • Philly Eagles 3/4

  • Kansas City Chiefs 11/10

MVP of the Super Bowl 2023

  • Jalen injures EVS

  • Patrick Mahomes 6/5

  • Travis Kelce 10/1

  • AJ Brown 11/1

  • Devonta Smith 20/1

  • Miles Sanders 25/1

  • Haason Reddick 40/1

  • Jerick McKinnon 40/1

  • Isiah Pacheco 40/1

  • Darius Kill 40/1

  • Chris Jones 40/1

Super Bowl Handicap

Super Bowl Total Points

Super Bowl 2023 coin toss

Gatorade shower color that won the 2023 Super Bowl

  • Orange 9/4

  • Complete 5/2

  • Blue 3/1

  • Yellow/Green 3/1

  • Purple 2.11

  • Red/Pink 8/1

Super Bowl 2023: Points of contention for Eagles vs. Chiefs

14:30 , Jack Ratborn

Brotherly love, but only one city will celebrate Kelce’s triumph

Regardless of what happens in the Super Bowl, at least a piece of history will be made. Two brothers have never faced each other in the NFL showpiece. Travis and Jason Kelce step forward. Chiefs tight end Travis and Eagles center Jason will not technically be on the field at the same time – as they both play offense – but the sibling versus sibling narrative is enticing.

Her mother, Donna, is already famous for wearing her stitched-together half-and-half Eagles Chiefs jersey on Sundays as she follows her boys’ fortunes, now she’s airing it on the biggest stage. To add to the drama, Jason’s heavily pregnant wife, Kylie, joins the game but brings her ob/gyn as a guest in case she goes into labour.

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Meanwhile, both men on the field are crucial to their respective teams’ hopes, with the seemingly unstoppable connection between Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce at the heart of KC’s offensive game plan and Jason sitting at the heart of Philadelphia’s one-click offensive line must be holes for running back Miles Sanders and allow the Eagles to control the clock. At the end of the night, a brother has ultimate bragging rights over his siblings.

Donna Kelce Opens Up About Her Sons' Involvement in Super Bowl 57 (USA TODAY Sports)

Donna Kelce Opens Up About Her Sons’ Involvement in Super Bowl 57 (USA TODAY Sports)

Super Bowl 2023: Points of contention for Eagles vs. Chiefs

14:15 , Jack Ratborn

Nick Sirianni fits perfectly in Philadelphia, a decade after Andy Reid’s snub

Nick Sirianni balked at the thought of being fired by Andy Reid a decade ago. As head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, his quest to become a leader in the NFL was fueled by his opponent in the reckless early stages of the Chiefs’ remarkable turnaround.

Sirianni, whose wife is from Kansas City, was fired as wide receivers coach in 2013 and proved resilient, but Reid’s decision to dump him fueled his burning desire to reach the top.

“Do you always have that little chip on your shoulder? Sure, yes you do,” Sirianni said. “But that’s me as a coach and as a person – I want to make sure I work my butt off to get as good as I can. And I’m sure you’re holding on to some of those things.”

From wearing a “Beat Dallas” t-shirt to yelling on the sidelines at every game, to that arrogant nod at a TV camera when his team saw the New York Giants in the divisional round of defeated playoffs. This is a packed roster and a success in planning and team building as well as coaching, but Sirianni has lit an emotional spark for the Eagles this season.

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni insists he's not out for revenge on Kansas City (Anthony Behar/PA) (PA Wire)

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni insists he’s not out for revenge on Kansas City (Anthony Behar/PA) (PA Wire)

Super Bowl 2023: Points of contention for Eagles vs. Chiefs

13:59 , Jack Ratborn

How bad is Patrick Mahomes’ ankle?

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The ankle that is the most talked about in sports could end up dictating the goal of this Super Bowl. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes pinched his ankle and rolled under a Jacksonville Jaguars defenseman during the divisional round and was forced out of the game as Kansas City fans faced the worrying vision of Chad Henne under center in the playoffs . Mahomes eventually returned but was clearly handicapped and in pain, but that didn’t stop him from leading his side to a 27-20 triumph.

He then gritted his teeth and did what he had to do to help the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game against the Bengals, but a not-quite-mobile Mahomes limits what KC can do offensively. He’s built his reputation as the NFL’s Superman on his insane ability to complete passes from impossible angles on the run and twist his body into the most unlikely positions. Head coach Andy Reid is cautiously optimistic his QB “can do almost anything”, while Mahomes himself admits some uncertainty: “I don’t think you’ll know for sure until game day.

I’m definitely moving better than last week or two weeks ago so I’ll be relying on some adrenaline so I can do a little bit more when I’m on the field.” The Chiefs will need their Superstar almost 100 percent, to hoist the Lombardi.



Patrick Mahomes and the key fight that will decide Super Bowl 2023

13:41 , Jack Ratborn

Patrick Mahomes frantically ran to the right and frantically scanned the end zone in search of an open teammate. It was fourth and nines and almost his last chance to spark a fourth-quarter comeback in Super Bowl 55 while trailing 31-9.

But when William Gholston nibbled his ankle, Mahomes flexed a wrist while stretching with just a hint of Michelangelo Creation of Adam to the pose. The pass seemed destined to produce his latest masterpiece.

But when four Buccaneers built a wall around Darrel Williams, the ball landed on the turf with a soft bounce, ending hope and eventual defeat and adding a blemish to Mahome’s resume.

Two years later, Mahomes is limping from a sprained ankle but is eagerly looking forward to a third trip to the big dance, knowing how a win or loss in this particular game can shape a legacy. This is partly why Tom Brady rose with a 7-3 Super Bowl record over Peyton Manning, who finished his career with two wins and two losses.

The NFL throne is tantalizingly within reach, but the Chiefs continue to tiptoe between sunken opportunity and dominance during the Mahomes and Andy Reid eras, depending on Sunday’s outcome. The NFL, in stark contrast to the Premier League, has been a master at establishing parity and level playing field for the past decade or more, ensuring there is no dominant force since Brady and the Patriots parted ways. That changes if Mahomes can win a second ring for five straight AFC championship games.


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