Latest on Jaylen Brown, Phil Pressey on return to Celtics and JD Davison’s new deal

LAS VEGAS – As the Celtics’ playoffs continued, a familiar face grazed the sidelines before the game. Phil Pressey spent his early years in the NBA with Boston and eventually moved to Europe.

When it came time to quit, he landed a job on the coaching staff at his alma mater, Missouri. He was in contact with his old coach Brad Stevens, who mentored him early in his coaching career. When college was over, Pressey wanted to go back to where it all began for him and soak up some knowledge on the fringes of the Gardens.

A few months later, the bank he was standing in front of would be his new office. When the Celtics’ coaching staff changed this season, Pressey’s chance to make the leap presented itself. On Sunday, Pressey said it all stemmed from the bonds he formed while playing for the team he now coaches a decade ago.

“Just cultivate relationships. It started with Danny Ainge,” Pressey said. “When I’ve played here I’ve been able to communicate with him and keep in touch and now with Brad he’s helped me a lot in the transition to becoming a coach and now he’s part of the team and I’m just learning from Joe and the rest of the staff.” .”

Pressey said he learned a lot from Stevens’ leadership skills and called Stevens “a great leader in his ability to connect with the players.” It was something Pressey experienced across the organization while playing in Boston, and that’s why he wanted to work for the Celtics again.

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“Celtics have a great history. I could feel the time I spent here,” said Pressey. “The fans support us a lot, the organization is great. So I’m just happy to be back and moving on to coaching and being able to help as much as possible.”

Davison strikes a new deal

The Celtics needed JD Davison to show this week that his freshman year in Maine has helped him score well at the NBA level. But on the day he signed another two-way deal to stay in Boston, he had 10 turnovers.

After a solid year in the G League, it’s been a difficult start for the Celtics starting point keeper in the summer. But at least he can now play with the knowledge that he’s not fighting with the franchise for his future.

“I’m just grateful to be here, to be back in this organization and to be around these guys,” Davison said. “As I played with them, I got to know them, they became my brothers. So it’s just good that they want me to stay with them for another year. With the two-way system, I’ll be up and down. So just have fun with it and be thankful for it.”

When asked about his difficulties attending ball on Sunday, he said he needs to have a short memory and have fun while playing in Las Vegas. Davison is best when he plays on a free-flowing offense when he can drive the ball in transition and quickly push through defense. But Washington had a good scout and knew his tendencies well enough to make his life miserable throughout the game.

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He’s had plays that include attacking at break, then dribbled out of bounds to reset the ball and throwing a random pass to a teammate in the middle of the field, which was easily deflected. The Wizards gave him room to propel him into Floater range but shielded him from the paint and took him to no man’s land where he had to find an alternative to firing the shot. Although his shot form looks a little better now, he still doesn’t feel comfortable with the ball.

But then there are times when he seems composed as he smashes through defenses, anticipating lobs before anyone else sees them, and applying serious pressure to defenses. He’s shown a few components of his game that look like they could one day get him into the league, but so far it’s clear Davison will need another year in Maine to catch up.

Determination of the roster

One of the defining questions in Summer League was why Jaylen Brown hasn’t completed his contract extension yet. On the 4th of July the athlete reported that the Celtics and Browns camps are expected to start talks in the Summer League. League sources shared it the athlete So far this has gone as expected. Both sides are making initial progress and should come closer to an agreement in the coming week.

Not only do the Celtics have to negotiate a contract with their star player, they also have to finalize the deal with Grant Williams and Dallas. Though Williams has already said goodbye and the deal has been agreed, the two sides are still finalizing the details of what appears to be a complex deal that will see multiple draft picks moving in opposite directions.

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Some deals are initially agreed in one form, then eventually expanded or even combined into another deal. Boston could still use this deal as an opportunity to find more defensive or playmaking help. Accordingly, they attended John Wall’s free agent workout in Vegas The Athletics Kelly Iko, so the organization understands they need someone who can break into the scene and do plays.

Wall has played just 74 games since the 2019 season and averaged 11.4 points and 5.2 assists in 34 games for the Clippers last year before being traded to Houston, who renounced him. He may have just enough reserves for another season as a substitute and would complement the current rotation as a composed goalscorer who can read from the depths. In a big role, he’s not the answer, but he at least ticks the important depth box for the squad.

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