Latest Onyx Boox update introduces several new features

Onyx Boox has started rolling out a new update that is said to apply to the following devices – Tab8, Tab10 and Tab13, Note 5+, Note X and Note X2, Nova5, Nova Air C and Max Lumi2. As ITHome reported, the update will be made available for other devices in the future.

Here’s everything that comes with the BOOX OS 3.3.2 firmware upgrade.

Color highlight and line operation

Users can press and hold the text to draw lines, as well as select a highlight color.

Allow physical button scrolling and page turning operations

A long press on an app gives users multiple optimization options, including the option to switch to the display setting. Besides, users can also set the page button to scroll through the page to perform the page turning operation.

Introduces the global image smoothing option

The update also allows users to long press on an app and select “Optimize” and click on the color option. After that, users can open the image smoothing button for the change to take effect.

Adding a handwritten note template

Post the update, users can click the template, set the template, and select the template according to their needs.

New text note to write

Writing notes becomes easier after the update as users just need to click to add notes, select text notes and then start writing.

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Access to Baidu Netdisk and Nut Cloud file import service

The update allows users to access Baidu Netdisk or Nutstore directly. Users can select the file they need and download it to their devices.

Aside from these, there are a few other changes that the update will bring. This includes the addition of a new “Never” option that allows Tab series devices to automatically go to sleep. The update also introduces a workspace in some models, as well as side gestures in Boox e-reader devices.

Then there’s the RTL reading mode that the update includes, expanding text translation from 3,000 to 30,000 words. OCT has also increased from 10x to 300x, while cloud storage space has increased from 5G to 10G.

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