Latest Pokémon News: Players fear for Go’s future after Season 10 changes, mindblowing DLC teasers found in Scarlet and Violet

Instead of looking forward to the future Pokemon Go After the massive reveal of Season 10, the opposite has happened – they’ve dismissed it as underwhelming and coupled with Niantic’s latest promotional campaign for the game, they’re starting to lose confidence in its direction.

In other news, Pokemon scarlet And Violet Players have discovered a bunch of hidden Easter Eggs in Generation IX titles that allude to the The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC even before it was announced.

And finally, there are leaks pointing to a new breed of special Tera form Scarlet fever And Violet, as well as the possibility of a new Nintendo Switch model have surfaced.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC
Image via The Pokémon Company

Pokemon Go Players are not hopeful for Season 10 and beyond

Pokemon Go: Rising Heroes, marking the tenth season of content has drawn mixed opinions – particularly as it brings back Elite Raids, much to the dismay of players. But the disappointment doesn’t end there. The fandom summed up their feelings in one word: disappointing, indicating a general lack of compelling content.

To add to their discomfort, Niantic launched a new marketing campaign for in-game bundles. Players fear that this could start a negative trend where the company will use social media to promote these in-game bundles, which has never been done before, instead of listening to community feedback and issues like the debacle to tackle with Pokémon Go Tour: Hoenn in Las Vegas or the concerns of limiting remote raids.

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They made sure Niantic was aware of their concerns by responding en masse and urging them to listen.

Scarlet fever And Violet Players will find hidden DLC teasers

The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC was announced on February 27th, but now that it’s out, players have discovered that Nintendo and Game Freak have left clues about it in-game.

What they found are posters with drawings of Okidogi, Munkidori, and Fezandipiti, which are said to be the three Pokémon with ties to Kitakami, the site of the school field trip in The Teal Mask expansion.

The poster has been in the game since launch, but since the drawings look opaque, players were only able to draw an obvious connection after the announcement.

Leak clues to new ones Scarlet fever And Violet Tera forms and Switch model

A person claiming to be a programmer who keeps working Pokemon Titles covering almost every aspect of Pokemon scarlet And Violet The DLC reveal added more information to expand on the initial leak and hinted that a new Switch model could be launching soon.

In their follow-up post, they said that the Terastallation could allow some Pokemon to do more than change their type. They referred to it as a completely new mechanic, but didn’t provide any additional details.

They also stated that the “new Nintendo Switch model” mentioned in their first post could be released alongside the second Pokemon scarlet And Violet additional content, Part 2: The Indigo Disc, early 2024.

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Pokemon leaks
Screenshot via 4chan

As always, these leaks should be taken with a grain of salt.

But since the leaker was on the ball in the first post with all the details about the DLC, the community is a little seething.


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