Latest Pokémon News: Scarlet and Violet players demand Tera Raid fix as Go trainers slam frustrating gym feature

Pokemon scarlet And Violet Players are fed up with the matchmaking issues that are ruining Tera Raids, particularly how long it takes to find a party online, and are urging Nintendo and Game Freak to fix the issue.

In a similar way Pokemon Go Trainers have slammed Niantic for how they’ve handled gym defense over the years. Pokémon are often tasked with defending them for long periods of time, meaning trainers can’t use them at all and still have no way of recalling them.

That’s not the only thing they’re upset about. Others can’t believe that there is still no way to evolve some Event Pokemon with costumes, especially if it’s a Shiny.

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Scarlet fever And Violets Matchmaking issues are still ruining Tera Raids

Among all the performance issues that leavened that Pokemon scarlet And Violet Experience since launch, matchmaking issues in Tera Raids have been one of the standouts. For example, one player said it was taking more than an hour to join some instances and is asking Nintendo and Game Freak to release some kind of fix if possible.

The thread blew up, and many other frustrated players joined them, although some naysayers are convinced that while a solution is desperately needed, it may never come.

Go trainers want their Pokémon back from the gym

While the prospect of winning Gym battles and designating Pokémon to defend against challengers is enticing, the reality after all these years has proven to be quite frustrating. The problem is that trainers report that their Pokémon are often stuck defending those gyms for absurdly long periods of time.

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According to a trainer, they have seven Pokemon that have been around for more than 150 days, meaning they haven’t been able to use them in that time. All they want is to be able to remember them.

Recalling Pokémon isn’t possible and may never be, but others agreed that it makes a lot of sense, or just let them expire and automatically return after a certain amount of time.

Hats keep stopping developments Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Trainers love catching costumed Pokémon. The fact that they wear seasonal or event-related clothing makes them fairly rare once the event is over, which increases their appeal.

However, it turns out there’s a pretty frustrating downside to catching them in some cases – trainers can’t evolve them, which is a pain when their stats are so good. A trainer found himself in a bind with his hat-wearing Kirlia, which also happens to be a Shiny Pokémon. Since they cannot evolve it into a Shiny Gardevoir, they have to wait to catch another Shiny Kirlia, which is not common.

Some Trainers believe it might be possible to evolve these Pokémon later. It has reportedly happened in other similar situations, like Hoothoot. But there’s no guarantee it will be any time soon.


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